Any free mods

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  1. Any free mods for the 2v 4.6s other then removing the silencer? Performance/Interior/Exterior or whatever. Anything free or cheap, post it here. Lets start a big thread categorizing everything free or nearly free to make your stang a little custom or squeeze out a few more ponies
  2. used midpipe=$100
    mils=$5 (supplies+do it yourself)
    rear seat delete= $20(do it yourself)
    pull the front sway bar=free
    used pullies and ta=$200
    drop in air filter($30)/remove headlight and silencer

    with practice and good weather conditions that would give you a mid to low 13 sec car on street tires
  3. Speaking of removing the silencer, this is my first pony and want to know if the 99 GT's had silencers? My Avalanche had one but it was easy to see and change. Where do they hide these things on the 4.6's???
  4. they are at the very end where the air filter is at. it looks like a snout.
  5. Loose some weight or find an anorexic s!ut to drive :rlaugh: :lol:

    Just kidding :D
  6. I know that this works for the 5.0's but not sure about the 4.6's. it's the IAT (i think) mod. You put a resistor inline and it makes the computer think the car is runner cooler than what it is and advances the timing or somthing like that. I know that I didn't really check it out too much because the IAT sensor on ours is in the same housing as the MAF i think. Might be worth looking into. :shrug: You can also remove your stock upper intake plenum and port and polish it if you have the stuff. I did this, but I cant really tell you if it actually helped or if it was me thinking it helped a little. If you look at it though you could easily see how it could help though. There is a really nasty casting bump and it is really rough on the inside. The inside is the same texture as the outside of the plenum. The front sway bar delete is a good one, and the silencer is too, Don't buy mil eliminators because they can be easily made.

    you could get you some stickers for your windows too. I hear they can give you about 2-5hp per sticker, for the good ones. :nice:
  7. Quick question on trimming the silencer. Do I need to remove the airbox to trim it, or if I'm just trimming can I keep everything in.
  8. you can just leave it in, but you will have to unbolt it from the quarter and move it over and then you can just pull the rubber silencer off to make it easier or I guess you could leave it on if you wanted to.
  9. You can lower your windshield wipers.....thats free
  10. remove spare tire. a ricer favorite :D

    it might reduce a little weight.
  11. In my 01 taurus removing the spare tire droped 40 lbs off the rear.
  12. :stupid:
    It helps.
  13. spare tire + jack + tire tool + mounting harware = about 40 lbs off a taurus
  14. Move the rear spoiler back. Paint your brake calipers (cheap). Crop your antenna. Take the slack out of the throttle cable. Do a complete and thorough detail job. Just a couple that come to mind.
  15. Removing weight is one of the biggest performance gains I felt with my car.
    I felt more in taking my cars weight from 3260 to 3000, then I did putting the LTs and X-pipe on.
  16. Lose some weight, crop the antenna, remove silencer, that's all that I can think of. Not much you can do for free on these cars.
  17. How much weight does the Rear seat delete free up?

  18. What did you remove to drop 260lbs?
  19. what does removing the front swaybar do?
  20. Removes weight and weight transfer to the rear improves. I don't understand why weight transfer improves though. :scratch: