Any free mods

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  2. what kind of stuff would lighten the car..?

    i need my back seats, and spare just in case, i dont wanna be surprised in the middle of nowhere... and it doesnt help that i have 3- 10 in subs in the back either :p
  3. are you looking for speed or want comfort?
  4. im no expert, but removing weight in the front will make the front to rear weight ratio change, thus "giving more weight to the rear"

    btw, who has the instrusctions to remove the front swaybay?
  5. damn, before I would just say speed, but now im kinda leaning towards both comfort and speed :scratch:, too hard to decide.

    This is my daily driver, so comfort is great. i guess i can remove the spare if im going to the track. And make a speaker box I can actually remove form the car. But other than having to buy other lighter parts for the car, i dont think theres anything i can think of to remove?
  6. hmm your right, that is a toughy, let me think some..
  7. Look under car find what brackets hold the bar in. Grab sockets and a few wrenches, look at bolts grab socket or wrench that looks close to the same size.
    If socket or wrench does not fit try another till you find the right size. When bolts are out and or swaybar falls on your head, yank it out from under the car and your done :D
  8. Stock seats are out I have racing seats in it now. Sway bars, quad shocks are gone, modified stock hood to be a lift off, took other crap I don’t use in the car Like. Fog lights, rear speakers etc out. All padding under carpet and firewall sound deadening crap gone.

    I most likely took more then 260 out of the car, But you have to add back the weight of crap you put back in. like the seats. Rear seat delete etc.

    Spare tire jack etc isn’t the only things you can take out at the track. Floor mats, crap left in car like CDs can add up to. I haven’t weighed my car with out the window washer fluid in it but could be 10LBS there to.

    One easy free mod, Don’t drive around with a full tank off gas when you don’t have to.
  9. A few threads here (forever ago) said that just loosening the front sway bar was enough for it to impact weight transfer... I still don't see how that works whether it's connected or not. :scratch: :shrug:
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  11. I'd advise against removing a stock swaybar. Definately not safe and not worth the risk of losing control around a turn or off a launch.
  12. thanks for the "instrustions for dummies" im guess the swaybar is under the engine, to the front of the transmission?? :shrug:

  13. lol, if you cannot drive your car without the swaybar you should not drive a V8, go get a front wheel drive honda or something.

    i drive around every day with mine off and i have no problems. i guess you would advise against any kind of drag spring/shock combos too?

    ps. removing or disabling the front swaybar will let the weight transfer back because it connects the chassis directly to the a-arms(which the front wheels are connected to) obviously we do not have the power to pull the front wheels off the ground on normal tires, so this is very beneficial for letting the front end bounce up and down you could say.

    i went from consistent 2.1-2.2 60' to 2.0-2.1 and now i am a consistent 1.9 on stock tires.

    i have only 3 passes on my drag radials and i ran 1.92,1.94,1.96...
    so .... believe whatever you want, but i have over 100 passes in my car and i know what makes a difference and what doesnt... :lol: :owned:
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  15. I thought the same unless I had skinnys for the front. I took mine off for heck of it one night because my father was thinking of taking his off when going to the track. So I used mine as a guinea big. Well mine has not been back on since and IM still on 245s in the front. After driving around with it like this for a wile, Ive come to the conclusion the stock front sway bar is to stiff for the stock setup.
    The car before in a corner (noted normal driving on exit and onramps) the back end would feel like it wanted to come around. Now it don’t do that And since the sway bar is off, the a arms have more travel so the car rides more like a caddy now.
  16. Engine fan mod. Do a search it's all over here and other mustang sites. Basically it gives you the ability to ground a wire feeding the PCM that turns on your engine fan. I use this between hot laps but have heard others use it in traffic, between 1/4 mile runs, etc. Very simple stuff.
  17. Uhh warning on the recline mod. In an accident, front or rear, the human body will excert force on the back of the seat. There's nothing restraining that force except the piece that's being removed in that mod. Just my 2¢ and reading through some very serious debates on this subject after that mod became available. Life is too expensive to consider that a free mod.
  18. Besides whats listed in this thread so far, there's not alot of free mods. Making the car lighter is probably the best or easist.

    However, someone metioned looking for used bargain basement aftermarket mods. For anyone on a strict budget, this is the best way to go.
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