Any Good excuses to get out of a speeding ticket in court?

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  1. going to court for speeding on monday however I am trying to decide the best excuse. Unfortunately I have a "engaging in speed contest" ticket on my record. Any excueses you have used that have gotten you out of a ticket in court. Plz pass it down to would be greatly appreciated ...esp if I dont get my license suspended. :bang:
  2. how much were you over?
    depending on how much you were over and the condition of the road, you can generate some pretty legitimate excuses. the fact that you drive a msutang and been caught for racing wont help tho.
  3. I got my first speeding ticket not too long ago. I think I am just going to pay it off, I was doing 47 in a 35 because I was being careless and not paying attention. Sucks when you get into a rythm of going to work everyday and you just go and don't really pay attention to anything but your destination. Good thing not to get lulled into that false sense of security. Oh well, guess I will just hope the insurance company doesn't ass rape me.
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  5. You could show them the results of your IQ test.
  6. Take a driving class.
  7. Ok this isnt very legal but i promise it will work. Go to your school or someone who has access to a newpaper printer. Have them print out an article saying blah blah was in an accident on the day of blah blah and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Then take it to the judge and say your sister or whoever you wrote in the article was in the hospital and the cop figured u were lying. My friend has done this about 4 times in different counties and its worked every time. Not very legal but itll work.
  8. I got cought doing 11 over today.. and it's a $132 ticket. if you dont mind, what was yours?
  9. My ticket was $114.00 for 12 over in a 35 mph zone.
  10. There isn't an excuse for a ticket when you're caught racing.

    Interesting they said speed competition though. hah.

    Anyway, if you were just cruising through town a few miles per hour over, you'd have a better case and could contest the SOB no problem.

    Don't know how to help you if you're caught racing.
  11. I also got 3 points, you?
  12. i got one a few weeks ago for 18 over in a 35 mph zone and it was only $101
  13. my ticket was for 66 in a 45. He definitely clocked me. Plus I didnt have my license with me.
  14. Ha! I win, 76 in a 45! And I had started to slow down too when I blew past the cop going the other way. The second I saw him, I pulled over and waited on the side of the road for him. Took him almost a full minute to turn around, park behind me, and then turn on his lights.

    That was a $176 ticket. Originally 6 points on the license, but the "DA" agreed to 4 points and a driving class. After class, went back in and sweet talked the judge down to 2 points.

    The only thing I could say was that this moving violation wasn't indicative of my typical driving habits.

    When he said that it was 36 over, I simply told him that I realize that and I'm not going to waste his time trying to come up with excuses for something that I knew I shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

    Best part, my insurance didn't go up!
  15. just go to court hopefully the ***got cop wont show up. Or say "i was having menstrual problems" and that you needed a bathroom quick
  16. ***got cop huh? So the guy was doing his job and he's a ***got?? People like you piss me off. If you get caught, take the rap. Go to court if you want, if he doesn't show up, great. If he does, you're screwed. Bottom line is, you were goin over the speed limit, he gave you a ticket, take responsibility for your own actions. If you're gonna speed, dont be suprised if you get caught.

    BTW, 120 in a 40. Got off without a warning. Beat that bishes.

  17. man ill tell you something, i live in torrance ca and just to let you know cops in my area are fking diks, i have been harassed pull over for nothing patted down and even handcuffed for an hour because he said i was speeding but never gave me a ticket for speeding. cops would pull you over for just about anything even putting your hand out the window. once when i was younger i got put in jail for one night for joyriding, all i got was a warning and the whole night the cops were callin me a fkin nip, and throwing me against a wall, tell me who deserves that. Cops power trip and if you think cops aren't diks your wrong. and wtf are u thinking going 120 in a 40!?!?!??!

    Open your eyes to what the world really is and not what u made it out to be.
  18. So you're telling me every cop in america, hell, the world for that matter, are dicks just because the ones in your town are? Grow up man.

    BTW, it was 3 am on a back road.
  19. Another question, you wouldnt happen to have a visor hanging from your rear view would you?
  20. What does a visor hanging from the mirror mean. i se alot of ppl do it