Any Good excuses to get out of a speeding ticket in court?

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  1. Usually if you go to court and act professionally the judge should allow you to go to driver improvement school instead of having to pay the ticket. Before you go I suggest you do some research into legal issues like entrapment and technical issues like how a radar works. Photoradar has actually proved to be counterproductive to some agencies because it can be shown that a larger vehicle is around the suspect vehicle, and radar usually picks up the speed of the larger object.

    In hindsight, a radar detector is cheaper than a speeding ticket, and legal everywhere but DC and Virgina. If you insist on speeding its a better option than clogging up the legal system.
  2. I hold the record for the fastest photo radar ticket in Scottsdale. 122 in a 50. I forgot there was a P-R set up at the stop light and when I went through the cameras went a blazing. It was funny when the cop came to my house to hand deliver my ticket. He asked to see my truck and asked what all was done to it. :)
  3. so, was that when you and lorenzo were rollin in the benzo?
  4. Yeah i bet that was a fun ticket to pay.
  5. That's a mature attitude. Hope you don't ever need one, but of course, you never will right?
  6. No way dood, I own joo. :) 80 in a 35 here. Actually I'm in Canada, so it was 128 in a 60 .. same thing. Still pretty damn good, though. :)

    But you're right. I went in and said, look, I have no excuse. But I promise you that kind of speed is absolutely not indicative of my normal driving habits (I have an otherwise perfect record). The judge was cool about it and knocked it down by 20kph and 2 points. Fair enough.
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  8. Well, I guess since it's alive again, I'll just chime in. Since I'm on the other side of this, I can't talke too much, but the only good excuse that I've seen, if you're female, is to dump ketchup in your lap and tell the cop you had an accident and need to get home......... that would keep you from getting a ticket in the first place. For're S.O.L.

    On the other hand, I know a guy who set a speed record around here......For 139 mph on a sport bike in a 60 mph zone......I've just heard the stories from him and his friends who say they can confirm it.........dunno
  9. You hafta explain the "engaging in a speed contest" thing a bit. Cuz techinally anything can be considered such. Reving, squealing your tires, even if youre not speeding, anything can be considered. I mean, you lucked out, they can take you straight to jail for any sort of illegal street racing. Anyways, if it was something like reving you can explain how you were having car trouble. The car sounded like it was dying and you were trying to give it gas. Or it has been known to stall during cold weather (since its winter) and was reving to keep the engine warm.

    I recall when I was dating my fiancé we were both racing down a street about 80 in a 55 at night. A cop sat with his lights off. When I saw his reflectors I braked while fiancé flew past me. He pulled both of us over. Him first. I pulled infront. He flashed his brights signalling me to just drive off. So I did. The officier asked him if he was racing. He claimed he wasnt. That he was just flirting. He gave him a ticket. I wonder if he would have let him off completely if he knew his flirtation worked.
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  11. Dont' pay it off... NEVER pay off a ticket. Get a lawyer.
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  18. tell them your throttle got stuck down. and how do you go 120 in a 40 without getting arrested or your liscence taken away
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