Any Good excuses to get out of a speeding ticket in court?

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  6. well, i have gotten out out of the last three speeding tickets, with out even getting a warning....

    my secret:

    i wear a suit to work and its been usually on the way home when i get pulled over, and my mustang is clean.

    the first one was 62 in a 40, wearing a suit, car was just washed, let me go with no warning, let me sweat in the car for like 5 minutes, and then told me to knock that Shi* off and go home....

    Second one was speeding around a corner, i was allready out of the car and walking in my front door, he stoped me in the front drive way and told me to slow down around that corner please. I was again in a suit....

    The last one was i was doing 68 in a 35!!!! around a corner, not a residential but it has the perfect apex and pitch for it, and i flew right past him, got on me quick, like white on rice, and let me go, and all he said was, " that was really f-ing stupid, i could arrest you, dont do it again, and have a nive night"
    the car was just washed with new tires.... and i was in a suit.

    i havent sped since then..... i think my luck has run out, i dont want to test it again, i think my family would kill me if i got away with another one... and my insurance just went down like $90...

    havent had a ticket in like 3 years now.....

    Get a suit, cant help to look good, and allways be polite to the cop, there just doing there job.

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