any good mustang shops in bay area?

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  1. just wondering if anyone knows or any good mustang body/auto tuning shop in or around the bay area. Thanks
  2. There are two main places you can go. Both have a superb reputation.

    In Santa Clara there is Advanced Engine Development (916)715-7569. Some of the hardest running combos out of the bay come from this shop. There is also CDT in Hayward You can't go wrong with either shop and if you do your homework, you'll see their reputation preceeds them.
  3. +1 for Apex
  4. shop

    Mostly mustangs in Oakland ca
    in business for 28 years quality work for a decent price! :hail2:
  5. call Jeff at 510-676-3437 been doing mustangs since 1983 and has been doing restoration/insurance work since the early 70's

    or visit his website at