Any good Mustang shops in Los Angeles?

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  1. I'm in LA County looking for some good Mustang shops. I went to Chicane Sport Tuning in Torrance, they do only Mustangs, but they charge a grip for everything they do.

    I want to get my S351 wing installed, my light bar installed, and to purchase other add-on cosmetic parts.

    Any leads?

  2. B&D racing does excellent work, mostly engine stuff but I think they will do pretty much anything. Located in Simi Valley. Hope this helps. B&
  3. Seraphitia102,
    You were at the right shop to have those Saleen parts installed.

    Saleen parts aren't the easiest to deal with.....ask around at some bodyshops.

    Chicane has a solid reputation and stands by their work. Joe, the owner of Chicane, worked at Saleen prior to opening his own shop.

    You can check out the link in my sig to see the work they have done for me. I personally wouldn't go anywhere else for work that needs to be done to my car.
  4. How much did they quote you at?
  5. Thanks for the advice. I do believe that they have a solid reputation, they just charge a grip for their services that make it a pain on the wallet. They charge $389 for a light bar, and $300 for installation. The installation is what hurts :(
  6. I didn't ask about the wing to be installed, but they did quote me on the body kit saying that it's $70 an hour, and it's a 9 hour job. ouch.
  7. Any other good shops to take our cars to without going broke? $90/hour at Chicane is just too much for me. Not that their work isn't quality, but I just can't justify spending that kind of money.
  8. I put in my own light bar with forth brake light and top-up shut off kit. If I had to charge for the installation, $300 would not be unreasonable. And I'm sure they will do it right...

    I paid ~$400 for my CDC light bar.
  9. Old thread alert. This is from 2004.
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  13. Exactly. I didn't want to start a new thread. So...anyone know any good shops that don't charge too much?
  14. The old addage, "Ya get what ya pay for" is certainly in Chicane's case, and I can't say that for other places! I've found Joe to be such an 'above and beyond' kind of guy, that I long ago stopped shopping for prices and have just made Chicane my number one stop for my Mustang. There may be some cheaper, but ther are none better IMHO...period. I could bore you with plenty of stories of positive feedback, but my advice is just go and build a partnership and just smile with the results.
  15. Wild Pony Motorsports in Santa Clarita, if you are up that way. They are very efficient and professional, and friendly! They race what they build too!
  16. Way to dig up an old thread there!
  18. So... Chicane is out of business, according to Google. Anybody have an idea for a current shop in L.A.? How about Swanson?

  19. Back from the (not so) dead...

    is there anyone out there who has risen to or near the level of chicane? Looking for a quality shop to install my 3:73s. Not a job I'm equipped to tackle myself atm...