Any GT500 problems yet?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Pig, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone who already has a GT500 has had any problems to report. I mean anything...even "a button fell off my stereo." Just curious if I should wait for a later production run with fixes (if any).
  2. yeah the main g500 problem is that i dont have one in my garage lol
  3. im a tech at ford and they are having some issued with the clutch and flywheels, even a few transmission problems. weve only had one and i got to test drive it on a pre delivery inspection before it was bought and its definately a fun car
  4. The problem is how much people are paying for them!!!
  5. Yeah, it's a problem with the passive safety system. Apparently, even when standing still, the sticker price can unexpectedly inflate without warning, causing serious injury to your wallet and your intellectual capacity to make an intelligent decision.
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  7. New to stangnet so hello everyone.

    Just got my 500 today.

    When I press the clutch, the throw out bearing makes alot of noise.

    Do not know if it should, but it can wait until I break it in
  8. My only problem so far is that I do not get to drive it while I am sleeping....
  9. During normal driving and shifting I hear a clunking sound when I shift into 2nd gear. The higher the revs and the faster I release the clutch the louder the clunk and the car kind of lurches forward.(Not like it's supposed to when you upshift and give it the gas, it's almost like a split second delay until something engages during the release of the clutch and the "clunk" and then a bit of a "jerk" forward.) If I don't get the rpms up too high in 1st before shifting and I release the clutch slower after going into 2nd I don't hear the clunk and it's a smooth transition but that sure ain't the way this car has to be driven.

    The clunk sounds a lot like the old days when one of my universal joints were on the way out. That's not what this problem is but I just wanted to give you a little clue as to what type of "clunk" I'm talking about.

    I am taking it into the service center to have this problem fixed but I thought I'd let you guys here know and maybe hear from someone with a similar problem or anyone who know what it might be.
    The other gears seem fine. It's only the shift into second where this happens.
    The clunk noise sounds like it's coming from a place very close to the shifter (a bit in front of it.) under the car. (obviously in the tranny.)

    ***EDIT: The more research I do on this problem the more posts I see that say Ford is saying this is normal! Just the nature of the way the tranny was built. Hmmmm, odd.
  10. Thanks for posting up! I haven't got one yet, but its good to hear of any potential issues. If the one I get has the shifting issue, it'll be making a LOUD clunk the way I'll be driving it. I stopped by today to look at a black vert and let me tell you, these dealers don't know jack. I mean, I couldn't believe the garbage coming out of this guy's mouth.

    Anyways, thanks again for posting. Keep us informed!