any guesstimates on what ill be running?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. With all the mods in my sig what do you think ill be runnning once i get my 3.73s? Whats the next mod i should start saving up for? all comments apreaciated
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  3. You should be in the mid 14's if you can hook up good and drive. Next mod I'd do if I were you would be an aftermarket intake. Edelbrock/Trick Flow/Cobra. Make your own cold air kit, shifter, bump the timing....stuff like that.

  4. Yeh probably mid 14s. Get yourself some gears, and watch your E.T. drop man. Then i would go with the Intake Manifold after the gears.
  5. im ran a 14.8 w/o the underdrives and with the smog pump... maybe that will tell you if im a decent driver or not
  6. With the gears and pulleys (if you can hook up) I would say you have a very good chance at a very low 14.

  7. sounds good to me, what do i need to break into 13's? shifter?
  8. Shifter won't make you any faster really, but maybe you'll be able to shift faster and drop your et's.

    I would say get some drag radials or an Aftermarket Intake and your there.

  9. GTjake, nice car
  10. Thanks alot man!

  11. I'd definatly do a intake and head mod. i'm personally porting and polishing my own heads, and i'l probably do an explorer intake. THAT will make a difference. The only thing left is compression, or induction.