Any help with the Shaker 500 system?

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  1. I'm planning on hooking up my Sony Amp to my stock Shaker 500 system, is this possible? Do I need adapters to do this? I'm guessing I need something because I heard the Shaker system doesnt have RCA outs.. Any help is appreciated
  2. cant see why not...rca is just a wire with a plug right? i can understand that it might not have a pass through line ,but still should be able to tap into sound .my cobra has the mach 460 and it has 2 amps ,i have complete wire diagram if you want it,,,not sure if shaker is the same but lrt me know?????
  3. Umm..

    No i dont need the Mach wire diagram, they have different input/outputs i think. The shaker has a specific set of wires that plug into the back, i just need to find out what wires/adaptors i need, but thanks anyways
  4. Are you sure with main harness being different. My 460 has 2 amps and than the 1000 is just 2 more amps in line. If you would like to see i can post pics of plugs with colors and discriptions. It would cost thousands for ford to just go and put a different main harness just for shaker system.
  5. There is a special harness that hooks into the back of the shaker system you can get at best buy or any audio store.. I had to purchase one when i had my system installed... Just explain what your doing and they will be able to show you what you need
  6. Thanks!

    Thanks a ton man, ill be heading to best buy soon for that harness.
  7. speciel harness?????

    would you think the the harness works like 460 to 1000 ,they use a harness also... i went to change my head unit before getting a ford manual,,and found most of the kits didnt fit ,,,ford does have it crazy for us not so brite stereo the shaker just a bigger wife was working at ford when the ranger got the sound system in 04/05,,, i want to sub mine and now with wire diagrams is it possible to make your own?????...Ive seen alot of systems for sale very cheap,, or is just that hard cause yes thier is alot of wires involved
  8. need your help?

    when you return with harness let me know what it looks like?????? looked mine over and see ford harness(19B113) jumps amp to has 2 connectors ,a 6pin and a 10 pin...... good luck
  9. Sure

    As long as B.B. has the harness, and knows what the hell im talkin about, then I can say what the Input/Outputs are
  10. Yay

    okay well the guy at BB knew what i was talkin about before i finished my sentence about what i needed. It was 27 bucks and it has 6 wires, 2 for the left audio sig. and 2 for the right, the other 2 are "usually unnecessary" ground wires, and they go into a little box thing with the RCA outs.
  11. harness

    thanks for reply back

    my 10 pin plug is for sound and uses 5 of the pins....6 pin is for power and uses 2 of the pins......................... is thier 2 plugs on one end that goes into factory amp than the other end has 2 rca plugs for sound and another plug for power?does it look makeable?
  12. thanks its hard to tell but i can search it thanks again and hope your sounds work