Digital Tuning Any Holley Dominator experts in here?


I have been doing it wrong this whole time
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Mar 23, 2007
Trying to get the race car started after installing a new Holley Dominator EFI system.
Everything is working, except the fuel injecotrs will not fire.
I have spark.
I have crank signal/rpm reading.
Timing is spot on when doing a fixed timing test.
I have fuel pressure (43psi)
Fuel pump does run while cranking.
Fuel injectors have power.
Removed fuel injectors and had them Cleaned/Tested. They test out OK.
Using a MSD Crank Trigger
Using a MSD Pro Billet Distributor that now acts as a cam sensor.
All other features of the Dominator are working, just no injector pulse.
ECU is supposed to provide the ground and it is not.
Any suggestions are appreciated.