any ideas on detailing/or products to use?

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  1. i am have not been too big on the detailing of cars in the past but the stable is filling up and i think i need to learn the proper ways and what products to buy. any sugestions or ideas will be helpful.

    note: i use meguires 3 step right now but i have heard of better stuff.
    and i know nothing about it

    what is zymol? and is it good

    lol it better be i saw some that was8 oz. for like 480bucks
  2. Zymol that you can get over the counter isn't that good. The Zymol that you can get over the net is very pricey.

    I carry Poorboy's World,ClearKote, and Optimum. All 3 product lines are very popular on the detail forums. I have great prices on them too. Check out my website at Let me know if you have any product questions. I will be glad to help!
  3. Zymol is very expensive stuff. Justin, have you tried Clearkote red machine glaze? I'm looking for something that can quick fill just very minor flaws after I use optimum polish on some paid jobs. The customer won't notice a difference, but I find myself frustrated that it's not as good as it could be. thanks.
  4. Yes I use the Vanilla Moose and the Red Moose all the time. The vanilla has a little more bite to it,sometimes I use that before the Red. I've been using nothing but the Optimum Polish and Compound on a lot of my details lately. I love that they don't dust and can be worked longer than most polishes. I have my whole ClearKote line on Sale right now if you are interested. Really good prices too!

    So there is still light swirls/scratches after the Optimum polish? What pads are you using? Are you using the Compound first on cars that are medium to heavily swirled? You won't believe how wet looking the Clearkote Red Moose will make the paint look. I just use it with a polishing pad on speed 4 and work it in until it is almost gone. A little bit goes a long way too.
  5. i need someone to tell me what setup i need since i am going to buy everything needed to detail and clean. i want the wash bucket to the final tireshine. and all of it.

    justing get me a price and what it includes and i will tell you yay or nay

    it may have to wait closer to christmas if its way too much but i can do some now.
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  8. this is a dumb question justin.. but all i can afford right now is an orbital buffer. any products that will give me good results while using an orbital. i won't be able to afford a regular buffer for a while. i use the mequiar's claybar kit and 3 step now. it does a good job, but i'm sure the other stuff would work out much better. i use microfiber pads and apply by hand and then use a microfiber pad on the orbital. send me some prices on some good products from your site if you wouldn't mind. thanks alot!
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  10. First-you can use the best stuff out there and still not get the best results if not done right. You can also use stuff bought from the store "consumer" lines and get great results when done right. I don't sell or work for anyone remotely related to any car care company, is this is just what I found to work best on my vehicles. I also buy only things I can go to the store and get. Basicaly, you get out of it what you put into it. You have to prepare the paint properly (wash/clay/clean/polish) for the best results from the wax.

    Washing-use the two bucket method (info here: Use a quality wash-and enough of it (read the directions, lol). I currently use Meg's Gold Class shampoo
    *note-I wash the rims & tires first, then the top (vert), then the body

    Rims-Use a rim cleaner that is safe for your rims (chrome, aluminum, etc) and a soft brush if needed to remove brake dust. I use Hot Rims by Meg's-and a child's toothbrush for those harder to reach spots.

    Tires-use a tire cleaner and a tire brush. I use a now discontinued product that I stocked up on-Westley's bleache white in the can with a built in brush.

    Dry-use quality microfibers!

    Paint care:
    I use the Meg's claybar form the kit but have used hte mild detailers clay before too. Claybar first.

    I use the Meg's step one paint cleaner. There are plenty of options to choose from in this catagory-pick a good name brand (meg's, mothers). This is not like wax and should not be allowed to "haze"-it does not need to dry to work.

    I use meg's step two polish. Again, A LOT of choices here. Also does not need to dry.

    Wax-I use meg's Gold Class. since they reformulated it about a year ago, it is even better. I also use two coats-basically, this makes sure it gets full coverage (no spots missed), not really to add more "protection".

    Tire shine-I use Meg's GC Endurance. I just can't get into the spray kind-a little wind, and it's on your paint. Just make sure you wipe off excess if you use jel, or it will "fling" off the tires onto the paint.

    Chrome rims-I se Mother's chrome polish.

    I do have a PC (not a buffer, a polisher. Buffers used improperly can easily damage paint), and use some items from the professional line on the DD, which sees much harsher conditions than the stang. I don't think they are specifically needed to get good results, but its quicker, easier, and the other half likes to use the pc (power tool!), so he helps keep that up. It's a lot of work keeping a stable full of rides in optimum shape!

    My Stang:

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  11. I have been using Armor All's Extreme Tire Shine Gel ever since I bought my car back at the end of August.[​IMG]
    I really like this stuff!!!!!

    This is freshly applied tire shine...

    This is what it looks like after several washings(I scrub the heck out of them using Wesley's Bleech White and a scrub brush) and it still has a decent look(I don't care to have that "wet" look ALL the time)
  12. A good affordable combo is Clearkotes Vanilla Moose hand glaz topped with Nattys Blue. VM a good cleaning abilities and leaves a nice wet look while helping in hiding swirls. Topping it with Nattys Blue will really make the paint come alive and last at least 2 months before needing reaplication.
  13. Wystang-I use that combo a lot. Also the Vanilla Moose glaze with the ClearKote carnuba works awesome. I love the Red Moose glaze with Natty's blue on dark colored cars!
  14. Just ordered that combo per Justin. I can't wait to get them and try them out!!!!!
  15. You should try "Pink Moose" 50/50 of VM/RMG, I used it on my wifes 07 Fuzion. Combo was Klasse all-in-one, Pink Moose, and DP MaxWax, the mix kills 2 birds with one stone (sort of speak)
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    After winter the Fuzion is getting PM/Natttys blue :nice:
  16. I've actually used the Pink Moose combo. Heard about it on Autopia a while back. Does work good but haven't used it in a while.
  17. By the way, the fusion looks awesome!
  18. Real nice Fusion there wytstang...what color is that? Vista Blue? or is it different name for the Fusion? Can't wait to do my baby up real nice!!!!!
  19. justin yet another delay

    i will let you know when i get paypal sorted out. it wants to connect to the bank and i dont know the number that it needs to do so and the banks are closed till monday. this sucks i was looking forward to getting the products soon