any ideas on detailing/or products to use?

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  1. Dark Blue Pearl and thanks she really likes it as do I. It has some pretty good pick up of a v6.
  2. You might take a look at this site:
    They have quality products that work as advertised. Send for their free catalog. Even if you don't use their products it has a lot of good info and tips on detailing.

  3. Not the best lighting this time of day, but I just got done washing/cleaning/glazing/waxing my car. I used Meguiar's Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner, Red Moose Machine Glaze and Natty's Blue Paste Wax(the last 2 items I purchased through Justin). The last pic really shows how much metal flake is in this paint... Total time spent including two 5 minute breaks was about 2 hours and 45 minutes...not a bad result at all.

    Thanks Justin!!!!!

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  4. Looks good man! How about that bubble gum smell?
  5. Yeah that was sweet. It wasn't until just before putting it on the car that I opened the jar. I think I'm going to put another coat on her in a few days...LOL. When I was in the driveway after it was waxed, I could see a reflection in the door of a house that is several hundred feet away!!!!!

    P.S. Those towels were very nice to work with. TY.
  6. i have orderd my stuff.

    btw justin do you have a tracking #?
  7. Came out great Nattys (2 coats) should last 2 months before reapplying (depending on weather, area). Love the flake pop too :nice:

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  8. Thanks Wystang. That was only 1 coat of Natty's. I want to wash and wax it again with 2 coats, but rain forecasted for the next 2 days here.

    The metal flake reminds me of the Ranger bass boats. I loved my '00 Laser Red for the same reason...flake makes it "pop".
  9. does anyone use wolfgang? a friend of mine used it on his and his wifes car the otherday and i havent heard of it till then.
  10. Wolfgang's deep gloss sealant is a very good product.
  11. does it work with the stuff justin sold me?

    i want a deeper shine
  12. I don't think you will really notice a difference with the Wolfgang with the combination of products you got. To get the deepest shine you would really need to polish with a machine. You can only do some much by hand. That Red Moose glaze should make the paint look really deep and wet. The Natty's blue should also make the paint look deep.
  13. so far i did the cougar which turned out super nice for a 10 year old car that wasnt taken care of till a year ago and now today i did the stang a 16 year old paint job and it didnt do as good but also i was so tired that it may look diff tommarrow:p

    i will be ordering more stuff as soon as i get back from vegas next week:nice:
  14. Can't wait to see some pics! I knew you would be happy with the products. I use all these products on cars that I show prep. So i know they work awesome!
  15. im going to get the optimum polish and since i have a buffer with a foam pad will it work as a machine to apply it?

    and more clay

    any ideas that will be more fun?
  16. Yes the Optimum Polish will be alright with a normal buffer but works best with a high speed orbital or rotary. The Red Moose glaze is a great product you could try out. I sell a lot of that. It can be applied with a machine or by hand.

    How did that claybar work for you? Get a lot of junk out of the paint?
  17. i used the clay before when i got overspray on my car but yes it works great but doesnt last long.

    i may buy a orbital or rotary buffer in a few weeks but in three days i will be in vegas for 5 days so i cant order anything for now.
    im thinkin i will get one when i get my next pay check(tryin to save most of them to buy a house) but i will give the other polish and or red moose glaze a try.

    what if i used a meguires polish like used in the 3 phase system before i seal it all in with nattys(which is an awsome product)

    thanks for continuing to answer all of my questions
    this is why you have my buisness:nice:

    and for curiosity how much do you charge per car? i have some friends that want their cars cleaned up after seeing the cougar and i dont know if i should do it or not. i cant do it for free but dont want to go too high
  18. I have a Porter cable polisher package deal on my website. It has the polishes,backing plate and pads needed to do the job. This combined with the polishes will give you the results you are looking for.

    When the claybar gets a little dirty just knead it to a clean section and start again. It should last you about 10 cars.

    I wouldn't worry about using the Megiuars polish. Just use the Poorboys SSR1 you bought as your polish. That will work fine. Then use the glaze followed by the EX-P sealant and then top with the Nattys. The process will make the car look awesome. I use this combination quite a bit. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  19. i know what i did and why it wasnt super shinny like i thought it was going to be!!!

    i didnt let the sealer set. and only used one coat of wax
  20. Yeah it is important to let the sealant sit for 30 min to an hours before buffing off. Once you buff off it is in the curing stages. It is best to let it cure for 8-24 hours before adding another layer or before moving on to the wax.

    Yes it should turn out super shiny and the paint should look very deep looking.