any ideas on detailing/or products to use?

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  1. also how much do you charge to polish up a car?

    i will try the cureing of the sealant on the new bmw i am scheduleing to do after i get back in town
  2. I have different prices ranges depending on what the customers wants.

    Wash,claybar,chemical polish,and wax. $125
    Wash,clay,swirl/scratch removal-abbrasive polish, and wax $150 plus
    Now this isn't even touching the inside of the car.
  3. in this case im going with $120

    i dont want to be expensive but i want to cover my cost plus the time for part of the day its a new car so it wont be too bad:nice:
  4. Yeah just explain to them what is involved in the process and what you will be doing. Tell them the clay will take out all their contaminants out of the paint. The polish will clean the paint and also bring out more shine and reflection and the wax is protecting what you did in the previous steps. Most customers don't understand how much work is actually involved.

    Later on when you get the high speed orbital you will actually be able to do some paint correction like removing scratches and swirls. Once you practice and get the hang of it you will become very efficient at it and will be able to charge more.
  5. i am planning on doing it for friends only for now. i dont see how i could make aliving doing it around here.

    i am actually familiar with a buffer with compounds and stuff im just not too familiar with the polishes and waxes. one of my good friends owns a body shop and we go help him when needed, so im familiar with most paint stuff.
  6. I have used it actaull I am currently doing a durabilty trial with it.
    So far I am really liking it.....
  7. Just did my '98 Jetta today with the Red Moose Machine Glaze and the Natty's Blue Paste Wax. It did ok, but I will need to use a buffer on it since it is the original paint and doing it by hand just wasn't enough. Minus the few scars I've put on her, not bad for my commuter car of the past 9 years.


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  8. Man it still looks really good! Good work!
  9. Thanks Justin. It is one of those "looks good from 20 feet" cars for sure. The top of the car has water spots that i could not get out by hand, but being that it is my daily commuter car I'm not that worried about it. Along with the fact that I busted out the pasenger side reflective lenses on the front bumper...passes inspection so I'm not replacing them. Also I lost 2 of the side molding pieces on the doors. Instead of replacing them, I just ripped off the other 2. Figured I would put that money into something more usefull...LOL.
  10. John, if you are wanting something in the future that will really take the paint to a new level the Porter Cable polisher is the way to go. 90% of how a car looks is in the prep work...clay,polish, and glaze. The Porter Cable along with a good polish/swirl remover will make the paint look wicked.
  11. Thanks Justin. I'm not all that worried about the Jetta due to the fact that it is just my commuter car. The Stang however is gonna get treated really well!!!!!
  12. Looks good from here
  13. i think im ready to purchase the porter cable polisher
  14. Frank

    All the info about the Porter Cable is on my website. The package is the best way to go. It has everything you need to get started. I also recommend getting another white and orange pad because you will use them more. Also the Optium Polish and Compound work great with the Porter Cable. They are my go to polishes now. I'm also having a sale on all my Optimum products. With each purchase of Optimim you get a free stnadard microfiber.
  15. im going to do some thinking and will let you know what i want. im going to try to strech it out till payday on the 20th:nice:
  16. +1 Optimum Polish is amazing stuff. I just used it, and waxed with Natty's Blue on a 2003 Le Mans Blue Corvette....couldn't believe the results.
  17. optimum polish
    porter cable polish kit
    poor boys sr2-3
    1 gallon instant detail
    poorboys pro polish
    red moose
    vanilla moose
    car wash from clearkote <-------good $#!!

    this is my new list so far
  18. whats the diff between nattys blue and just nattys?

    whats the best deal you can give me on a porter cable kit? i found it for $125 with pads.
  19. Man I can't even touch that price Frank! Is it with the Lake Country pads and backing plate?

    You don't really need all those polishes with the Porter Cable you listed. I would just go with the Optimum Polish and Optimum Compound for your polishes. So you can take off the Poorboys SSR2, and 3. The Pro Polish is a good all around polish. It can be used on plastic,paint,chrome,stainless, you still might want that.

    The Red Moose and Vanilla Moose will work. You can actually mix them together to make Pink Moose too.

    You talking about a Gallon of Spray & Gloss?
  20. ok with the removal of the ssr2and 3. the moose handglaze whats the diff?
    and i will still probably buy it from you. the reason for the handglaze is i used it all wrong last time and went thru almost 3/4 of a bottle.

    and yes i think it is the spray gloss