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  1. driving car and engine warning light came on,took to ford dealer and they said they could not read the codes because i put roush supercharger on and would have to take to roush dealer, called roush dealer have appt for monday, but was wondering if you guys ever had a problem with warning lights comin on because of gas tank not sealing properly no gas cap,ford dealer said should be a funnel in trunk push in and out a couple times may reset light if thats it,ANY WAY WHAT SAY U, CAR RUNS PERFECT STILL.
  2. The capless fuel filler has been a bit tricky at times with my 2011, but so far, it has only given me a "Check Fuel Filler" message in the info center. It has not caused a check engine light. Usually, I just jiggle it with my finger a bit, and that takes care of the problem. I've only ever used the funnel in the trunk to add fuel stabilizer before winter storage.

    What year is you car? Also, I see you are in the dells, just up the road from me. How far do you have to go to find a Roush dealer?
  3. My car is a 2013, roush dealer eric von schlodern random lake wi
  4. Go to a auto parts store and have them read the codes.