Any magic chips for our cars ?

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  1. You know those chips the Honda boys are caliming they have and it adjust the fuel pressure and ****s to be more "racing" style... All kidding aside, can we change a chip on the computer to make it faster even if i'm almost stock ?

  2. TwEECer or self managing systems like that. I had the EEC Tuner but its an "old" system.
  3. What about the ebay chips? Feedback looks good on them, even one with a dyno...
  4. Don just posted about this kinda thing, and I think he reported a slight gain powerwise for stockish peeps.
    But having all that excess timing removed has to improve drivability (which is not necessarily reflected in a power number).
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  6. Those chips bump your ignition timing. Do it by turning the distributor and save alot of money...
  7. I've talked to several other self tuners which I consider to know what is what about tuning our cars.

    This subject has come up several times during those conversations and the general thinking or thoughts about your Question and using a Tweecer to tune is along these lines.

    For a stocker or one with simple mods like pulleys, exhaust, gears and the like.

    A wide range of gain might be 10 to 20rwhp.

    A h/c/i with after market maf/inj's will most likely gain a bit more.

    From what I've seen on the tuner sites and from my findings .................

    Combos that benefit the most gain from a tune are those who have the largest amount of error in things such as ...................

    Maf Curve
    Fuel Tables
    Spark Tables

    The thing to remember about our cars that is so very important is our pcm's are load based. Unlike the rpm based fox pcm's, the farther away you go from the stock maf/inj's, the more error you encounter.

    Perfect example to show this in its extreme is a blown combo can ditch the fmu and go with proper sized maf/inj's and they can pick up 50 to 75rwhp with a custom tune cause there was so much inaccuracy in the old tune.

    Now that the prob of error has been addressed ..................

    You always come to the cost for the gain.

    Does it make sense to buy a Tweecer, laptop, & wide band to self tune your stocker for a gain of maybe as small as 10rwhp?

    NO WAY!

    A chip could be a better value here ... but not just any off the shelf chip is gonna do the trick. Some of them don't do a thing other than take your money. I believe you would be better off with a Pro Tuner doing you a custom chip.

    Like the Tweecer tune, the chip tune may not be worth the cost while you are stock or have a few simple mods. If you are still using the stock maf/inj's the gain will be smaller due to the error of tune is smaller.


    If you are gonna be changing things a lot or have plans that will force a custom tune two or more times .....................

    Self tuning may be for you.

    IIRC, SCT offers a reburn discount but don't quote me on that.

    I believe if the guy knows what he is doing, using a chip burner or self tuner is gonna give the most gain if compared to an off the shelf chip.

  8. Alright, thanks...

    Because I hear so many Honda fanboys saying "Oh man I have this chip and it added 50hp! " I'm like what the heck, 50hp outta electronic tunes !?
  9. In a way Shawn ... I agree with you :nice:

    In another way ... I do not :shrug:

    Some of the chips out there that are not very effective would be where I agree with you :D


    If a guy burns you a chip and does nothing but work with the spark table ... this is where I have to say a difference between this method and twisting the dizzy does definitely exist.

    When you twist the dizzy, you add spark to every load/rpm condition possible. With the GT's, this may be a quick trip to ping city and higher fuel grade selection at the fuel pump.

    If a guy can get access to the spark table ... he can + or - spark value at whatever load/rpm conditions needed for a much more precise method of spark control.

    Like Shawn ... I do wonder how effective those "magic" chips are :rlaugh:

  10. i saw this on ebay!!! it says it can gain up to 45 hp !!!
    read before you do pointless post...
    this is y i feel the site is going down hill.. i have posted few times, because of search
    sorry about this rant btw
  11. No need to feel sorry about a rant as most of us have ranted a time or two on this site as far as I'm concerned :D

    I saw the electric supercharger.

    Which words would one use in reply to it to make a post that would be considered .......................
    cause the site to go down hill?

    Seems some could be pro and some could be con about it
    a discussion may develope about it.

    Isn't that one of the reasons for a tech forum such as this one :shrug:

  12. LOL @ the ebay chips.
  13. Electric superchager + Turbonator = :drool: :drool: :drool:

    J/K but, I will never settle for an off-the-shelf chip. When the time comes, I will be self tuning. Nothing against SCT or the like, either. I just don't EVER want to go through the hassle of going back & forth to do different tunes.
  14. Did an a9L conversion last time which did OK. This time im going to try the PMS on the new ride.
  15. No chip on a stock vehicle will give 50 RWHP - even with a dynotune. The only vehicles that come close to that are stock gen 2 Lightnings - they give a huge HP gain with a dynotune - less with a mail order type chip. A 50 RWHP change on a 4 cylinder Honda is like a 100 RWHP gain on a V8 car - claims like this are total BS.

    On a basically stock car, you'll see 10-15 RWHP gain with a chip like one of ours - but the power is usually increased over the entire range, so the avrage power is increased and it's something you can feel usually in better throttle response. In a base tune for a stock 94-95 AODE GT, we change over 80 things in the EEC and then customize it further based on the combo and can do things like shut off all the smog crap, adjust fan speed, etc. Naturally there are less changes for a 5 speed car, but it is no canned tune. Beware the Ebay chips.

    The way all SCT tunes are set up, you can make any airflow improvements you want, as long as the MAF and injectors stay the same and you don't peg the MAF and you are fine, no reburn needed - most dealers will give a free reburn if you add a cam and we have to make small changes to accomodate it so it'll idle better.
  16. Grady- I understand the benefit of a custom post was in reference to the off the shelf Ebay special chips that were being discussed ealier.
  17. So basically a chip tune on a stock motor is useless rgith ?
  18. My custom JMS chip worked wonders on my car when I installed my heads and cam. Idled like stock and took away my tip in timing retard. $325 shipped, but in hindsight I would rather have spent that money on a tuning device.
  19. After reading and researching what others have had luck with at dyno tune sessions/self tuners.

    If you look at it with all those groups and then the ebay do they work with EVERY combo out there...after all EVERY combo works diff. and the drivability is a HUGE factor if your going to gain the perf. but have a car you hate to drive...what is the point.

    The answer is unless you are working with a some do tune over the internet but they also like to see datalogs with the software they tune with. Those mail order chips will just basicly do what you can do by messing with the fuel press. reg. and dizzy. TO me that is the only way they can make a "blind" tune for sale to the gen. public at the VERY MOST.

    Hell most dyno tuners get repeat customers as a drivability issues pop up after adaptive kicks back in. Is it the tuners fault...that is a diff. story that has to do with the dyno and other variables(sp?).

    Chips/tuners are one of the things that you get what you pay for/put into.

  20. Thanks for your inputs.

    I guess i'll wait for the magic chip, i'll get more mods before :D