any meets this week?

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  1. I thought we were meeting up today!
    what up?
    how about tomorrow or saturday?
    I'm gonna be down to go to any and all of them

    just a matter of time before I start driving my stang to the meets :D
  2. yeah... i thought there was going to be a meet today as well. what's the story here?!?

    93cobra12: are you still around?
  3. Hey guys im here.. Been super busy lately.. So what time is everyone down to meet? Dtas You play racquetball ?? Did you happen to play @ 24 hour fitness in Bellevue ??

    Let me know when u guys wanna meet.. After I get off, which is at 430 I have to run to my parents house in the U district which is about a 15 min drive from downtwon with traffic and grab my extrude honed intake an drive out to issaquah's fedex an ground ship it, and then im going to race home in my 93 lightning and wash my cobra cuz the birds decided to lay out multiple presents for me so i gotta wash it an then im down to meet up.. If everything goes as planed I can probably get there around 7ish.. What do you guys suggest/think ???
  4. well my r-ball starts at 6. hope to be out by 7. i figure i'll take my Stang to the tournament. i play at Bally's in Bridle Trails. used to have a 24hr fitness membership but let that go.

    anyone else wanna meet up tonight?!?!

    where should we meet up? i'd like to eventually get near the water for some nice pics. does anyone have a suggestion as to parking near the water?
  5. I used to play racquetball alot, I was pretty good.. There was this pro by the name of Jason, about 5'8-5'9 guy who was sponsered by Wilson who taught me how to play.. He used to spot me 13 points and If I could score on him he would buy me a drink, I did it once !! I've been playing for a little over two years.. I was farely good I think, used to kill everyone at 24 hour in Bellevue until a new pro started to show.. Hes the manager of the club right now his name is jason as well.. Who would have thought..

    I honestly cant really hang for super long just because I have to pack and take care of house hold things before I leave tomorrow to Hawaii :oD !! But Im down to meet up for sure.. I would like to meet up at the DQ to show and tell an just talk, you guys can take photos with the car if you want... let me know, i got 10 mins guys before im out..
  6. i'm not the best raquetball player but i can definitely hold my own. actually that's one reason why i'm joining the tournament at Ballys. i want to see how well i can hold my own and get better at doing it.

    the tournament starts at 6... i don't know how its going to go. how about meeting at 7:30? if its just a few of us we could meet at DQ and then cruise over to the water.

    i'll try for 7:30 but i may not make it. again i don't know how long this tournament thing will go.
  7. Well I got to work at 7 tonight and I get off at 8:30, so oh well, I will see some of you guys on saturday.
  8. How about well do this two weeks from now, I would like to meet up w/ everyone.. I will contact you guys when I get back.. So adios amigos, I'll talk w/ u guys a week from next week.. I leave for Cali on the 29th, so we have to meet up before then..

    Dtas good luck my friend, my game is serve hard play fast then soft touch it to the corner,, do ceiling shots and make them run back an forth an if ur playin someone who isnt that experienced they'll set u up 85% of the time, then u kill but play soft touch.. thats the best way to play, they wont know what ur going to do next.. That what the Pro taught me, he taught me soft touches, off the wall so when it hits the front wall it dies, its a kill shot !! practice ur soft game, ull dominate !! good luck !!
  9. :scratch:
    not meet today?
    ok, I'm gonna wash teh car and then beer with buddies! :nice:

  10. ok, hey, 93cobra, could you give me your cell, steve too actually if you could, don't have yours through PM would be good... I was doing stuff today, and tried to call anyone who knew anything... but no answers... now I know:)
  11. you guys suck... i was just about ready to leave when i got the call from brian... tsk tsk
  12. I would've gone, even if it's just a few of us. but I went over to brad's and picked up my hood. :nice:
    good for me! :cool:
  13. yeah, now you don't have any excuses why you don't show up now Gerard :D
  14. oh man, I've got plenty up my sleeve...
    you'll hear one tomorrow I bet! haha j/k
    I really want to take beth for a run down the strip.
    I'm gonna leave the 20.3 writing on my windshield as long as possible.
  15. just great! :mad: i race through my r-ball games and race out of the gym only to find that NO ONE SHOWED!

    oh well... it was nice to just cruise around both DQ's in Bellevue and then through Factoria. :spot:
  16. sorry Don... we are meeting this Saturday though... who's up for an early meet??
  17. well, cratch the early meet... just meet up at BM at 9pm guys... doesn't seem like we have any interest, plus, I need some food, just finished a 10 hour shift, and I'm freaking exhausted!!
  18. Sure now you say something. I talk to tyler about making it out early. And what happens:D
  19. whatever man... next week :nice: