Any musang meets in southern california?

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  1. Im in San Bernadino County about an hour or so away from Los Angeles city. Never been to a Mustang meet or even a car meet because I never really sought after going to one.No Krispy Kreme Meets. My buddy tried getting me to go but Im not interested in seeing modded Civics and Integras like his. If not Ill try and start one. Or if anyone know of a really big Meet over summer I can try and save money to travel. Just lookin to have a good time and talk to other Mustang people because my city doesnt really have any.
  2. I'm in LA and having a hard time finding people. The mustang groups here are either inactive, don't reply to emails, or have horrible websites where you can't even guess what's happening. Then again, being in LA, what are we going to do if we all do meet up? Enjoy the traffic together? Let me know if you find something worth attending.
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  3. I too would be interested in this. I am originally from South Florida and there were car meets everywhere on just about every day. I always thought Southern California was a "mecca" for cars, but I guess I am wrong. People are more interested in their vegan diets, skinny jeans, and obsession with celebrities.
  4. well, 3's a crowd right? Who says we cant start one up on our own?
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  5. Los Angeles used to be the car mecca. That was part of the reason the California Special was born. because California was booming. and now raceways are closing down.
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  6. nowadays, MPG>HP
  7. So where did all the car people go? Probably got the heck out of the state!
  8. They probably did. But Im here to stay. and most of the "car" should see what they do to their cars......its bad. I see more bad then good on the streets
  9. Probably to a state that doesn't require that eyesore of a front license plate =P
  10. I'm in Los Angeles as well, any news of upcoming meets?
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