Any Mustang clubs in Texas? (Mainly Dallas, San Angelo, Abilene)?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has a club/group, whatever you wanna call it, organized in the above areas? I never hear any news of upcoming events and trying to get in some contact with the people who would know.

  2. In the DFW area there are two. North Texas Mustang Club and SVT Club of North Texas. Both clubs have cruise nights coming up. There are also many other fun activities to participate in.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I haven't logged on in a while (sorry about that). Would you know who to get in contact with? If not you lol
  4. I also am looking for cruise type events around Victoria,Tx. Anyone?
  5. @Hobbles,

    I have been a member of the SVT club for 5 years now. Get in touch with the membership director. Here is where to find more information on the SVT club:

    The North Texas Mustang Club website is:


    Have you checked out hot rod happenings? They have listings of most of the car shows / cruise night events in Texas.
  6. I appreciate all the suggestions, I'll definitely look into both. Anyone know offhand if any of the cruises/carshows pass through or are around Abilene? I'll be sure to check out hot rod happenings too thought.
  7. I'd like to start a group around Victoria,Tx. or Port Lavaca,Tx.