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  1. I used to belong to a group back in NY and it was great cruising and racing sat night and then a nice sunday cruise..any1 in the Phoenix or near by interested in starting something please pm me or post here.
  2. What about Mustang GIRLS?

  3. of course...i didnt mean to offend or anything...but im just tryin to get a bunch of stangs together for some fun..and give us something to look for in those lazy sundays
  4. No offense taken. LOL I dont think my car is nice enough tho, I'd be all jealous of everyone elses cars....
  5. I use to live in az up in anthem. If you want some racing go down to scottsdale to the "illegals" as they call it. Theres some nasty racing that goes on down there.
  6. im new here so im not to sure where the illegals are doesnt matter what ur stang looks like...a stang is a stang...and besides u seem to be the only one so far that has posted me back about the cruise..i can probly gather 2 or 3 other mustang owners but i dont know that many people here yet..send me pics of ur stang if u have them...i sent u a PM with my email address
  7. but your forgetting one thing.. guys WITHOUT one are drooling over yours soooo lol your cars the star.. i would have drooled over yours when i was younger (before i got mine) if i lived in the same town as you..
  8. Yeah, I guess you're right...
  9. I believe there's a meet scheduled for sometime in April coming up. There's a thread on it in the Southwest message forum. I'd like to be there, myself, but I'm doubting that my work schedule is going to allow it. (My job will NOT, however, stop me from attending the WFC this year in St. Louis! Missed it the past three years, already.)

    I know the feeling about jealousy of others' rides, as even though I'm strangely proud of how my ghetto Rustoleum paintjob came out, I'm sure it'd look utterly pathetic compared to, oh, 90% of the other Mustangs in any given meet. Oh well ... paint don't make it go fast. :D