35th Anniv Any New Upgrades?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 99Blownstang, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. This forum doesn't get a whole lot of activity. So I was going to see what everyone has been doing to their cars.
  2. I haven't done anything yet... would like to. Got any suggestions on where to start? I want to see 500-600hp
  3. This forum is a little quiet, but holds quite a bit of information on the 35th "Limited Edition" GT's specifically. Most tech related material is over on the 4.6 Forums.

  4. It does have a lot of info. Thanks for helping me with the production number by the way. I was just wanting to see what the fellow limited edition owners have been up to
  5. No problem. I have no upgrades currently...I do need a new battery:nonono:. Have not driven mine in a month.
  6. Batteries aren't cheap. I just got my engine in now just have to plug everything back in and put the intake on. Haven't drove mine in a year
  7. Havent done anything yet since I got it. Would like to get the grill delete tho.
  8. Mine has been parked for 10 months with either a spun bearing or bad timing tensioner. Getting ready to start putting together the lower mileage shortblock and do the 5 speed conversion. Putting in some bbk shorties while I am at it.
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  9. Haven't gotten any recent pictures yet, but did some Intake, Exhaust, Suspension, and Body work this year. I'll see about sneaking out at lunch sometime soon if there's a decent day to snap some photos...
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  10. I got a battery last weekend. I will probably be driving it more, the DD Ranger is losing water again somewhere....:scratch:
  11. Found a neat spot to snap a few quick pictures of the progress... Pay no mind to the un-tinted quarter windows, a casualty of the sail panel upgrade, they will be going in for a tan very soon!





  12. So is mine. I think I need to re torque the head bolts. I have put a few thousand on it since the rebuild
  13. It looks like your rear spoiler has been changed from the 35th model?
  14. That's correct. I had the hood and spoiler replaced and painted this summer
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  16. I've done a few light mods to my dark horse ... hood struts, larger plenum and throttle body (along with everyone's favorite, a cold air intake)
    Eibach springs, struts and shocks, Mach 1 chin spoiler, sequential tail lites and ... big fat tires and chrome 5 spoke wheels
  17. and a Hurst shifter
  18. and a Borla cat-back, first I special ordered a set of custom made chambered exhaust (think sixties GM) and after a couple years of
    the deafening roar and simulated radio listening ... exhaust upgrade number two