Any Of Y'all Ever Mess W 90's T-birds?

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  1. Thinking about a new project and I'm kinda wanting to do a t-bird and make a good highway cruiser with some muscle. I like the 94+ body but they had the 4.6 in it and I don't know jack bout em. Is there an aftermarket for the 4.6 or do y'all think it'd take much to get a 302 in there?
  2. Is there an aftermarket for the 4.6? Did Ford not make them from and put them into just about every vehicle they made for like 15 years?

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  3. My brother has a 97 t bird with the 4.6. Same setup as the mustangs from that time period. Tons of aftermarket potential. I wouldn't swap the motor to a 5.0. 4.6 is a great motor. Just my .02
  4. The 5.0 swap is a serious pita on those cars. They literally make zero swap parts and you'll be stick making them all yourself. My .02ยข says stick with the mustang!
  5. Plus that thunderbird is about 3700 lbs.
  6. Had a '96 Cougar with a 4.6L that would shame most mustangs on the street. Great cars. Handled like they were on rails, road like a dream and were a superb highway cruiser. Far superior to a Mustang of the same era. Most of the bolt ons (throttle body, MAF meter, PI top end swap, JMod, etc) that worked for the Mustang also worked for the MM12's.

    My advice....if you're going to choose to get one, stick with the 96-97 Sport models. They were widely considered the best looking and had the best version of 4.6L and 4R70W of the time.
  7. 96 and 97, gotcha. Yeah I'm not lookin to make a race car fellas. In 93 my dad had a 90 it was a good rear wheel cruiser.
  8. Yeah Slick I get it that the 4.6 is old hat by now but what I wasn't certain if the mustang 4.6 parts and t-bird were/are interchangeable . I wouldn't imagine there is a very large market for t-bird specific parts. I should have made myself more clear.
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  12. My friend had a Super Coupe T-Bird. That thing was pretty awesome... until he was supposed to stop by to fill up on coolant because he was blowing white smoke out the exhaust..... then 15min later tells me he decided to straight home because the smoking stopped. My response was "well that's because you ran out of coolant" and that is when his engine seized.