Any of you guys have Eibach Pro Kit struts installed? Need help please

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  1. I'm looking for some feedback here.Do any of you 2.3 stangers have Eibach Pro kit dampers installed on your stang? And if so ,did you use the factory upper strut mounts (on the strut tower) or an aftermarket Caster/Camber kit?

    I used the factory mounts and the strut rod nut doesn't tighten down that far (no threads sticking up past the nut).I also used the factory spacer that fits in the bushing.I was told a year ago by a few of you at SN it would work with factory mounts.Well something doesn't work because the control arm drops down too far and I cant connect the sway bar end links to the bar itself.Not without tearing the bushings.

    I've been trying to get this issue with my 92 5.0 resolved and nobody seems to know anything.It's been over a year and I still don't have an answer.I'd really appreciate some assistance.

    Frustrated stanger wants to drive his 5.0.......
  2. What do you mean by "the control arm drops down too much?"
  3. When installing the struts,you have a floorjack holding the arm up untill you get the strut bolted in.Once that's done,I lower the jack to let the arm down.The struts allow it to drop a certain ammount untill it's locked in place by the strut rod end.

    When the arm is lowered,I can't reach the sway bar end links to the sway bar itself.I have to lift the arm first.....this is my main problem.I can't do it this way without tearing the links or busting the sway mounts from it droppng too far.Both drivers and pass. sides do this.

    I thought it was the wrong struts.I've confirmed 3 times that they are the correct ones.I even called up Eibach but there isn't anything they can do since everything matches.

    So I don't know what the problem is.I'm just trying to get this figured out.

    Thanks for the assist RedLX.
    Good to see your still hangin around the 2.3 forums after all these years.Btw,where's LsRedy2kstang? Is he even around nowadays?