any official JOB 1 dates??

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  1. whats everybody all in a huffy puff for? hasn't ford been saying fall 2004 since the friggin concept came out?

    and think about this...if they launched it in april 2004...there's still a boatload of 04's on the lot - do yoiu think they would want to do that? me neither. it was never pushed back, its always been fall. get over it
  2. My FORD screensaver says Fall 2004. The Ford Motor Company probably knows when it will release a new car of theirs. :rolleyes:
  3. >>and think about this...if they launched it in april 2004...there's still a boatload of 04's on the lot<<

    There still a lot full of 2003s at the dealer near me, and they even have one 2002. And they aren't dealing either.

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  4. Working at the Flat Rock plant, the September dates are pretty close. Don't think I should give exact dates. For the record the "April" talk was never in the plans.

    Plans are to end production for the 04' in early May at the Rouge plant, with Ford stopping the 04 orders sometime in late Feb. Short year for the 04.

    I have seen an 05' go down the line, NICE.

  5. Is the Flat Rock plant still run by Mazda or has mainstream Ford taken it over? Just curious. Keep up the good work!
  6. It is called AAI (Ford/Mazda) joint venture. Currently the Mazda 6 is the only car currently being built in Flat Rock. The pkant used to build the 626, Probe, and Cougar (at differant times obviously). The Mazda 6 will continue along the new Mustang.

    Can't wait to see job1 come off the line.

  7. Thanks Golions!

    Are the Mazda 6 & Mustang going to built on the same line or do they have two separate lines at Flat Rock? I toured the Wixom plant a couple of years ago and I was amazed to see the LS, Continental & Towncar all on the same line.

    Once again, keep up the good work!
  8. You are right there is a REASON. A perfectly good REASON. It is a 2005 Ford Mustang not 2004 Ford Mustang!!!
    It's not rocket science people. :bang:
  9. There are two separate lines.

  10. Launching an ENTIRELY new product platform, such as the new Mustang, is about as big a job as rebuilding friggin Iraq. At least it takes almost as much money, and almost as many people, and has the complexity and logistics of a small country!!!! :p Ron Jeremy, your posts almost infer that preparing to begin production of the new Mustang is tantamount to setting up the salad bar at Sonny's BBQ. With the bar set SO HIGH these days for quality standards of tolerance, fit, finish, and durability/reliability, they will test, and adjust, and retest, and tinker, and test, and tune-in, and test, until everything is absolutely perfect and nailed down. And they've probably packed in a little bit of "wiggle room" time for any surprises that may pop up along the way. It's this way for EVERY manufacturer. Getting the car from prototype to true-blue production, spitting out the factory to the trucks like chocalate candies to Lucy and Ethel, is a monumental task. I'll be pleased if they manage to nail their current dates!! :banana: