Any "old" stangnetters left?

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by Jason 302, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. I haven't been on here for quite a while, just seeing if there's any familiar faces left around here. The stang has sit more than it ever has this year because of gas prices and the addition of a couple motorcycles in the stable. But I've been helping my buddy work on his stock 93 and I'm starting to get the fever back a little bit. I'm really diggin the new Mavromont "Pony R" rims, whats the word on those?
  2. no idea, i moved to 4.6's.. :shrug: but i'm still stalkin around :D
  3. i finaly got a 5.0 WOT...
  4. NO idea if I am an old member nor not... dont even know when I signed up!
  5. Well it says right beside your name, I would say you qualify, haha. Didn't you use to have a white hatch? And your avatar was a set of turbines wrinkling up?
  6. Yup, I still have the car, but it looks like the avatar now... Black and Gold on Bullitts!
  7. am I an "old" member
  8. I was an old member left for a spell and came back under a new alias (mwahahaha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sirsureshot..
  10. i might be an old member, but definitely not an active member, haha
  11. I've been around a little while. My fox is a garage queen and I've been getting more into the S197's.
  12. I've been here longer than you, so I guess that counts me in.
  13. Been around since some time in 02 I think so I guess I qualify. Been from a 91 LX to an 03 Mach 1, back to a 93 GT and now an 88 SSP.
  14. I remember you. The pony Rs look sick BTW.

    I just got a cam and ordered heads for my car so it will be quick soon enough.
  15. sometimes I feel old, does that count?
  16. Willys1 and 5.0Grunt here. I remember you.
  17. Sup Miky!
  18. Hey some of you guys are still around, cool. Ahhh yes, sirsureshot, what happened to your old pal Joe? lol...The kid with the faded silver and black hatchback. And how bout your green hatch? For some reason you two are always the guys I think about when it comes to stangnet "back in the day". Does anybody remember the infamous post with the fake chick who was really sirsureshot? haha
  19. I have been around since the late 90's... does that count?? Dont post much but I always check the forum and the for sale section....

    Dont have the saleen anymore but have had 4 mustangs since. And roll around in a 1987 Gt vert..
  20. If your are looking for names like Ranchero50, Onefaststang, Five0fanatic, etc, they have faded into oblivion. Bottomlesspit and I are just about the only two guys left around from that era of Stangnet. My join date was March 2000.