Any "old" stangnetters left?

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  1. I just realized my 9 year anniversary just passed on the 11th.
  2. Old coot, you.
  3. got a feelin im old now
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  4. I started on here a long time ago. Let the car rest for a few years, but I'm starting to get interest back. :)
  5. Still lurking....
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  6. Not to mention...NO MUSTANG!

    ...and Im still around
  7. Holler.

    Lurk from time to time. Too much douchebaggery by some members/mods so I only poke in once in a blue moon, occasionally giving my .02 (and getting warnings because if it.. :rlaugh:.. Would have never happened back in the day when the forums were actually "fun" )
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  8. I definitely remember many of these names! I remember creaming over roblxtasy's car/photos. Groverdill always had a nice car too. I need to look through this thread sometime a little closer
  9. Still here after 12+ years and 19,490+ posts. I have learned a lot and try to pass that education onto others so that they can enjoy their 5.0 Mustangs.
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  10. i joined the first time in about 2001.... i was actually banned by hawk back in the REAL possie days with big nick and agent.... yea i got WAY BACK. but i was 17 then and young and dumb
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  11. Can I just say thanks to all you guys? I've only been here for a little over a year, but everyone on here has helped me greatly!!! So yeah, thank you to all you knowledgeable old schoolers!
  12. ohhh yea the screen name back then was Sn95fiveohhh
  13. I still lurk when I have enough time to get on the site.
  14. I pop in to read twice a week,I don't post at all as you can see.
  15. I'm still here. Miss the old days of jrichker's 5.0 idle surge threads and thumper ported intake and E7s. Those were the easy days, kids!
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  16. Been on here since 99. But I took a 7 year break from 05 - 2012. Just got a 92 gt vert a few months ago as a toy and am loving fixing it up. Glad to see some "old timers" still on here.
  17. I still pop in every now and then. Still have my Fox bods but I'm not doing much modding/racing nowadays.
  18. The surging idle threads have continued all this time but now JR directs them to a link instead of copy / paste 25 paragraphs. Thumper threads disappeared when GT40P's and GT40 heads flooded the market place for less than what he can port E7's for.
  19. Is Tmoss still porting intakes these days ?

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