any one have pit bulls for dogs?

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  1. i was just wondering,we're getting a pitbull puppy this week and was wondering who alls got them. i know they have a bad reputation as being mean dogs but i figured this one being so young (5-6 mths old) that we could raise it right and maybe have a good dog. i have a two year old and thats kind of why im asking. they get along great when we've had them together so far but i dont dont want to have any problems. thanks guys
  2. If you don`t what any potential problems,don`t buy the dog in the first place especially having a two year old in the picture.
  3. My friend has 2. Those dogs are crazy. They are very affectionate as puppys, but they play rough... really rough.

    The problem is that they are the smartest dog breed in the world (or so the Discovery Channel told me). They get jealous/irritable/cranky just like the rest of us. That causes a problem considering they have jaws like an aligator... if it gets mad you ain't coming away with all of your appendages ;)
  4. My sister and brother in law have one, along with there 3 1/2 yr old daughter. They've had the pit for 4 yrs, 4 months before my neice was born. This pit wouldn't hurt a fly, they have alot of energy. He is one of the most loyal dogs I have ever come across. Raise the pup the right way and you shouldn't have any problems. I love how people assume the worst when they most likely never experienced it for themselves. Any dog can be mean, a golden retreiver for example-you can train that dog to be worse than a pit yet golden retreivers are the "American dog". Sorry for the rant it just bothers me when people go on hear-say and not there own experiences. Get the pup, train him/her right and have a blast

  5. here's mine...i agree with hoodstrype they can have their moods, but mine's usually playful. they're strong dogs so i wouldn't leave them unattended with small kids. sometimes they don't know their own strength and run over little one's with minimal effort.

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  6. I have owned them for the past 20 years, since I was 12 yrs old.. Maybe 13 dog in all(not including the litters... This is the first time since I have not had one, since my baby past away(8 months ago)

    I can tell you from experience, they are unpredicatable. No matter how docile and love you show them, they are just aggressive dogs, period! I would never own them if I had children, especially little kids.

    I have seen first hand what these dogs are capable of.
  7. There's your answer, from someone who should know.

    I can't quite figure out why you went and got this dog, while at the same time wondering whether it might ever get aggressive with your kid. Not flaming you, as I'm sure there's more to the story, but I'm confused.
  8. two words....golden retriever i have a 2 year old niece, my sister and husband just got a puppy german shepard and that thing is a little rough with her. i cant imagine a pitbull, one of my old friends had one and i was scared to be with the thing it was so crazy. always off the walls and it was like 1.5 years old. Ur nutz for keeping that thing, with a kid around. end of story.
  9. Don’t believe any hype about the "alligator jaws" or "locking jaws" or anything else really about the breed. They are actually on par temperament wise with a golden retriever. Here is a link to the American temperament test website.

    You see...the problem lies in what are called "backyard breeders". The breed of the pit-bull was originally renowned for its loyalty and non-human aggression. They were quite a popular family breed early-mid last century. In recent years though, backyard breeders have been destroying bloodlines...mixing in different breeds for different characteristics. Most have no clue what a temperament test is...nor do they care.

    Anyways...there is waay to much I've learned about the subject to list off on here. I'll post a couple of useful websites however to aid anyone who feels like researching the breed.

    On a side note...the woman with the worlds first face transplant was the victim of a dog bite. That's right; she was disfigured when bitten by her very own Labrador retriever.
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    When i show this to my wife she will have more to say, as she is the pit bull expert. But i will tell you now that we have two pits and a german shepherd. Both of our pits are just fine with our baby, but we would never leave the dogs and our child unnattended together, we wouldn't do that with a pomeranian or chiauau (SP) or any other dog either though. We have had both dogs since well before our daughter came along. Pits are awesome dogs, they are loyal, friendly, and playful animals. The way a pit is raised and treated by its owners will determine how it acts, just like any other dog. People who abuse and neglect their dogs , and those who "train them to be mean" are the ones that give pits a bad name.
  11. no offense to you guys, but there is good and bad examples of everything. And i would much rather be safe than sorry with a 2-year old. I still think you are nutz having a baby around those dogs, even a lot of cats.
  12. :stupid:(Marlboro_Man)
    I have a Neo Pit cross (aka- Bandog)... and a 4wk old son.
    Some may ask if I trust my dog with my son? The answer would be NO ... but I wouldn't trust any dog with my child... after all it's still an animal.

    Jeeezzz, I wouldn't trust my son with some people...

    It all boils down to the owner.
    You need to be responsible for the action of your pet, all dogs need proper training and socialization.

    If you want a pit , go for it, they're great dogs:nice:
  13. Ummmm... "locking jaws" would be incorrect, but correct me if I'm wrong... I believe they have the most powerful jaws of the domesticated animals. It has to do with the shape of their head/muscles (dad was a biology teacher so some rubbed off)... but mostly brains. They are EXTREMELY smart for dogs, thus they are playful and tempermental. Both are qualities of "smart" animals. I've never seen one that would intentionally hurt anyone, but they are very rough when playing... even the females.

    Not for kids... MyBad70 has a couple and is a member here, and I don't think he'd trust his baby with a baby ;)

    PS: I'd listen to marc above anyone since he knows what he's talking about :flag:
  14. i appreciate all the info. ive heard so many conflicting stories about these dogs,thats why i posted. i think anyone who would leave their child with a dog (any dog) unattended would be asking for trouble. i work with two guys that have pits,one who which has two kids, a 2 yr old and a 3 1/2 year old and he said that their dog is great with his children. i know dogs are unpredictable and their all different. some how i feel like i need to be defending my self for even posting this thread, because im thinking of getting this dog? thanks everyone for your input, i do appreciate it. i will let you know how it turns out.

  15. According to national geographic...not even close.

    What they have is an extremely large amount of will power. They also have an extremely high pain threshold…which can actually help with being a family pet. They have large amounts of dog on dog aggression.

    What they should not have is a bad temper. This is not a breed characteristic…yet with the popularity over the past 15 years all of the back yard breeding has been producing non typical pit bulls. Many are not purebred…and most have not been breed for traits typically seen in the breed.

    Keep in mind breed standard for the pit-bull has a weight is I believe between 30 and 60lbs. They are not very large dogs. Far to many times, dogs that are typically labeled "pits" are from a mixed breed…or many times don’t even have a hint of pit-bull in them.

    By the way…here is some more good reading here…

    One last thing…here is a interesting little "find the pit" test…
  16. umk soem people get under my skin with apbt's. the american pitt bull was bread to be a loyal family game dog. thats why they are built the way they are. but if you do research on this dog you will find that they say the american pitt bull terrior is great with children elderly and are even used in rehab and so on and so forth. i have one and my bro has one and my bros ex had a little girl aroudn the age of 2. theses 2 dogs would harm her if there lifes depnded on it. but i will say i would never leave any dog in the room with a child ever no matter waht breed. on the other hand i have a buddy of mien that has a son that was attacked while ridding his bike. he choked that dog to death after sepperating his jaws. there pros and cons to theses dogs. i probably wouldn't take a 4 to 5 month old pitt cause thats old enough where its bout made up its mine on whats its goin to do and will be hard to brake of some habbits. unless you know its past. bottom line if you want a pitt get a puppy raise it in a gentel home adn you more than likely come out good. but animals have brains and like humans some are just crazy. and for the peopel that have never owned one stop bashin them from what you hear and read via news cause the news shows nothin but fin negative crap

    ps millhouse has hit the nail on the soem research on the negative stuff to folk its there. and i have honestly yet to find anythign where its shows how any of the dogs where brought up
  17. Mu question (for anyone who might know the correct answer) is:

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    Is this moose a pure bred American Pitbull Terrier? Very handsome dog, by the way.
  18. Here in the province of Ontario,the provincial government has passed leglisation banning pitbulls and is currently waiting for it to be passed into law.
    Current owners are required to muzzle and have the dog on a leash in public,but I believe the eventual plan is to eventually get rid of the breed in Ontario.

    Do a google search.
  19. Yep... I've heard of that. There are also cities in the US that have the same sorts of bans. I believe that to be thre result of ignorant voters and legislators. Kinda like banning a rifle because it has a shoulder sling AND and bayonette lug. lol

    What really needs to happen is that dog owners need to be held accountable instead of banning a breed of dog based upon a popular but misguided perception.