any one have pit bulls for dogs?

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  1. Okay, I've made it a point not to get into debates that run 10 pages long on here because I've got better things to do (as Treasurer of S&B Club I have to count our money ;)) so here is some more reading for ya for those who say "The dog has a bad rap"

    Yeah... I'm sure it's just "racial profiling" like everything else in this country :) j/k

    Whether the owner/breed/type of upbringing has anything to do with it or not is not in question... of course those are factors. But, dog for dog they are statistically more dangerous. Like I said, I've never seen one that would hurt someone intentionally but the numbers speak for themself- if anyone has ever taken an elementary Statistics class you'll know what I'm saying- I'll leave it to you. I'd own one just not with a small child.
  2. Actually…they are statistically more likely to kill. So are however rottweilers, Dobermans, bull mastiff's etc. Larger, stronger breeds will generally cause more severe damage than a smaller breed will.

    They are however less likely to bite, as they have great temperaments.

    Another problem is the designation of exactly what a pit-bull is.

    When dog bites are recorded, the dog in question is given a breed designation. More often times than not…if the dog has no clear breed it is given the designation pit-bull.

    If you go to my above post and take the pit-bull test…you may understand a bit more what I'm talking about.
  3. Nope- I agree with you completely, there are a lot of people (morons to be PC) around the south especially where I live who breed for fighting- definately stick with a pure bread with papers ;)
  4. Let's also factor in that these dogs that have earned a reputation for biting (pit bull, Rotty, Doberman, etc.) are also the breeds most kept by lower income owners and as a result are often not properly cared for. I don't know about you all but when I'm hungry or in poor health, I'm pretty crabby too.

    Poodles are some of the most high strung nasty dispositioned dogs in the arsenal. How many poodle maulings have you seen in the news? It's amazing what a little money and behavioral training will accomplish.

    It's the "FAD" of owning these dogs that hurting the reputations of the breed. Every schmuck on the planet wants one but and often gets one but has no inclination for it's care.
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    That's a good point- I hate those dogs... they just look at you like, "I'm better than you"

    So I'm like "no you're not!!!"

    And the Poodle's like ":fuss:"
  6. You know a dog is french when it has to have manicures and pedicures to make it look like a homo dog. Some of the most hideous dogs out there when groomed like that.
  7. Haha I got a kick out of the title, what else would you have them for? Well I guess the would make a nice rug
  8. Any person who claims a pitbull is a violent dog should be shot. Let me guess guns kill too. ANY animal can be trained to be aggressive, it's common sense. For those people who are so against pitbulls I suggest you go redo your homework. In the past years study, on the list of the worlds 100 most dangerous dogs, pitbulls were second..............from the bottom. Labs and shepards were 1 and 2. I have had two, both were abused as pups from previous owners and they BOTH turned out to be the most loyal, obedient dog one can own.

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  9. Here`s something for you guy`s who trust your,"wouldn`t hurt a flea" dogs around your kids.

    This pertains to a 3yr old male Bullmastiff.

    Roughly about a month ago someone on a Toronto Mustang forum posted a story of the family`s Bullmastiff dog attacking their young daughter,(didn`t give the daughters exact age,but a young child nonetheless).

    Long story short,according to the post the owners did everything right from when it was a puppy,eg,provided a loving home,spent serious money on training and obedience classes,blah,blah,blah.

    The dog had been fine up until this point.

    The child was apparently petting the dog one day and it just attacked her.
    It bit her face pretty good requiring several stitches and she almost lost her only good eye,(she had already lost an eye due to some illness previously).The owners are having the dog destroyed.

    This dog was described as one of those "wouldn`t hurt a flea type dogs" before this happened.

    If you think you can trust a dog 100%, you are crazy.
  10. Pitbulls are the smartest most loyal dogs in the world. The only reason they get a bad rap is the scum of society training them to be killers in case some crack fiend comes to steal their crack.

    Dogs represent their owner. If you have a jackass owner the dog will be just like him/her. People need to start blaming the owners and NOT the dog. I live in Ontario and pitbulls are banned here, unless you already owned one before the deadline. Complete bull****.

    Why dont they ban the little white ****ing dogs that bark all night and drive people crazy.

    BTW alot of the cop scent dogs in the states are pitbulls.
  11. Yes he is pure apbt. His name is "Cash" (the dog in black). Both of his parents had papers. Cash was the runt of the litter and therefore the owners gave us a REALLY good deal on him. He has been the best dog i have ever owned. He knows lots of tricks including, sit,stay,sit pretty (pictured in my earlier post), pray, play dead, BANG, roll over, speak,ect. As well he is very obedient and will heel on command.

    Holding his moose lol
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  12. You can`t always blame the owners.

    Sometimes people with dog`s that have been properly trained by respectable and loving owners have been attacked by their own dog.It`s a little more rare,but it can and has happened before.

    Sometimes a dog just snaps out of the blue with no warning.
  13. I bet more people are injured by other types of dogs or sharks or 1000 other kinds of animals for that matter. For some reason news and media like to portray the pitbull as a killer and like I said earlier it gets an undue bad rap. Most of the people who have negative things to say about them have never owened one or even been around one. They just get all their bad info from the media.


    My dad had a saying, "It's like S**t, the more you stir it... the more it stinks"

    That's not what I'm trying to do here, I love dogs including Pit Bulls but facts are facts ;)
  15. So they killed the most people. Looks to me like they are the best at doing their job. Keeping their owners and familys safe. #1 TOP DOG!
  16. Just wondering how many pitbull owners out there would still be praising and defending the breed if they or their child was attacked by one,especially if it was their own dog:shrug:.

  17. :rlaugh: You sound like my friend... that's why he has his LMAO
  18. Daggar is very correct here. It all has to do with the way the dog is raised. How and who the owner is. Look more closely when they show these attacks on t.v.. What does the owner look like when the dogg is attacking someone? Its always some kid in his late teens - early 20's with his hat cocked to the side no shirt and his pants hanging below his ass! Its always these stupid little gang bangers who get them and and they want them to be mean. Yeah they always say they "didn't expect this, the dag is always nice and friendly." Of course when its on a log chain in the back yard by itself it will be nice. You know ou of all the dogs I have ever owned our Pit was my favorite. We have had her, american eskimo, pomerania, shih-tsu, chows, labs, weimeriener. And the Pit was by far the friendliest dog when it came to strangers. She was the only one out of all that group who wouldn't flip out at a stranger walking up to our yard but the idiots would be more afraid of her than they would the other (non mean Pit who is gonna kill me) dog. As for all of you out there who has never owned a Pit or raised one you should not be posting any negative comments on here. Our pit also loved other dogs and cats. Yeah the cat part is surprising but very true. When we got her it was about a week before my daughter was born and my son was 3 1/2 Best dog by far around my kids. She also save my GF. mom and 2 kids from being attacked by 2 other large dogs of another breed. Think about that. If I DIDN'T have a Pit atleast one of them would have been seriously injured. And once she got the the other dogs off my family she left them alone and did not keep fighting. You see its all about how you raise them. And take them for walks in the park or some where where they will see other people and that also helps alot on how they act around strangers. Ours was later hit and killed by a car and I do plan on getting another in the future. Best dog I've ever owned by far. Sorry for the long post but the truth has been told. If thats what you want the get her/him. You will love that dog to death. Guarantee it.:nice:
  19. i love pitbulls, they are such fun dogs but everyone's opinion has a point. with my experience with them 8 years + alot of it depends on there blood line and sex, i find for me females to be more family type. and my aunt had a few pits one 1/2 jeep sweetest dog, he parents with both good docile dogs, her other dog apollo was a good one to but he was more aggressive because of his father(know as a man biter), its always a good idea to foloow the bloodline
  20. Wifey talking----First of all, if you notice everyone that has mentioned Pit Bulls being a good dog has one, or has had one in the past, or knows someone who has one. Most of you who talk the breed down dont own one....going on what you have said. Is it just me, or is that a BIG coincidence?

    A lot of you have already hit it right on the money, but incase someone does not already know, the Pit Bull was bred first to take down a single bull for entertainment. Later they where used in a ring fighting with other dogs, once again for entertainment. This is where they got their reputation. In the pit, before a fight the opponent would take the challangers dog and bathe it...ensuring that the dog was not covered in poison. Thus causing the dog to obviously be good with strangers. When they where in the pit fighting and a dog 'scratches' or messes up, the owner would have to walk in the middle of the fight and pull his dog out.
    If the dog showed ANY human aggression with either circumstance, it was immediatly shot and killed. They did NOT want ANY human aggression from these dogs, so weaned them out as they came along.

    It has been these idiotic gangsta's that think they are all badass owning a mean Pit Bull that breed for 'human aggression' and have NO CLUE what the hell they are doing. Thus leading to bad breeding, and aggressive pits. Either way, raise the dog right with nothing but LOVE, then how in Gods name can it just decide to 'turn' on you?
    It's been said before, but I will say it again; Pit Bulls have extremly high pain tolerance which enables them to with hold a kid pulling its tail and biting its ears. They can be wonderful pets for a family, but be sure when you get one you get it at a young age...I mean like 12 weeks or YOUNGER! 5-6 months is to old, and they have already passed their imprinting stage. Good luck with your decision, and if you need help training it let me know. It is very important to have your dog obedience trained for many different reasons. A flat out better dog for one. :)