any one have pit bulls for dogs?

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  1. if these pics work, here are 2 of my boys.......
    the doberman is just about 2 years old, and weighs about 90 lbs. he is purebred, and is a high energy dog. he is however very very sweet, even around strangers. he cues off of how people he knows acts around new people. as long as we accept them and let them in the house, he treats them like family. i once had a Cable guy knock on my door one time, and then simply come in, and my dobie cornered him and almost made him crap his pants.
    The other dog is half pit, and half bull mastiff. he is just over 2 years old, and is also a great dog. his is much more laid back than our dobie, and is also very sweet. he is almost a foot shorter than the dobie, but weighs about 90 lbs. we rescued him, he was abused and abandoned, and had to work hard training him to the point where i trust him to act right around strange dogs and people. some people just don't seem to understand that when they own these large breed dogs, they are very territorial, and if they get scared, nervous, etc, they will become aggressive, just the same way that a human might! with proper training and attention, most dogs do just fine, and i have had no incidents at all with mine, and they have spent time around small children, strange dogs, etc......
    This being said, i would NEVER leave any large dog alone with a small child. the damage that they could do by accident could be devastating, let alone if they got aggressive for some reason.

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  2. Normally I would agree with this kind of reasoning. When information is gathered by a flawed system and it's information skewed to meet the agenda of individuals with flawed motivation then it really doesn't mean much.

    What I mean is:

    Look back through the thread and see why those numbers are the way that they are. I could raise a dingo from a pup and have it be a great dog. Does it have the potential to snap one day and hurt someone? Sure it does... any dog with mouth and teeth large enough to get at human flesh does. Take the same kinds of dog(s) and (from a pup) leave it in the hands of individual(s) who aren't even capable of taking care of themselves, and see what happens.

    I don't see anyone rushing around trying to ban the birth and/or raising and care of children in cities with high juvenile crime rates. lol

    My point is this: Hold the guilty parties accountable instead of the breed. That kind of legislation is illegal anyway. It's gotten away with because no-one cares enough to spend their own time or money to fight it (which is understandable). If a dog maims or kills personnel off of it's own property and was unprovoked... Put that dog down and it's owner in jail for minimum term (at least a year). If abuse or neglect of the animal can be proven, that's another year. Lack of proper restraint for the animal adds one more year to a maiming and mandatory manslaughter charges for a death.

    All those folks out there that buy Pits because they have a reputation to be mean, will no longer be seeking these animals. Therefore, the raising of the animals will also not be by these individuals. Watch the bottom line on the dog bite chart get owned my the aforementioned Poodles. lol
  3. heres mine. he never stops playing[​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  4. Do you now or have you in the past had "stangnet" written on your b00bs

  5. all dog have a damn brain and has the tendency to have a flippin mental break down. thats what folks don't think about soemtimes yes the dog has a high bite rate but alot of it coems from where it lives and broguth up. and also with a pitt bull alot of those recordings are stray dogs or mix breed which arent actually pure breeds. and until the media and alot of other ****in morons get that throught there thick cement skulls there will still be the great ignorance of this breed. thats the bottom line. and the family that left there little girl in a damn room with a bull mastiff should be blamed i would never i repat never leave my pitt in the wsame room with a child under the age of 13 or 14 or so. no because i don't trust them its just a saftey precaution that you must ****in take with any dog. i had a husky that was meaner than **** protective and hated ome other breed or other dogs period caught her draggin a dog cross the path beside my house. how many huskies do you see on the knews o yea they are on the aggresive dog list as well along with a bunch of other dogs that you never see on the ****in news
  6. I have owned 2 APBT's in my life. They are the strongest dog pound for pound but other then that, if you train them to be nice and respect all living things they are as good as any other breed but unlike a lot of breeds they are very, very smart and you need to exercise them. You should take responsibility for your animals, they are living things and need to know they are part of the pack and you need to let them know were they are in the pack.

    Here's George 80 lbs with ears and tail, he just got back home from filming a movie in Italy.

  7. ok guys, thanks again for all the info. we called to see how she was doing today and found out she had mange(?) we are decideing not to get her. we were very sad to hear this,and they said they were probably get put down because most likely no one will adopt her because of the price to get her cured from this. my wife is looking at a 10 week old lab mix. i work 3rds and shes wanting a dog to be home with her a night. again thanks for all the help.
  8. I just got 2 black lab rottie mixes about a month ago, theyre brother and sister and they are just awesome! Not to mention they are THE cutest dogs alive...and if anyone wants to argue that im willing to start a pole with pics of both dogs and we can let the people decide lol :D
  9. There is no doubt that if a pit or various other strong dogs bite someone it is going to inflict a good amount of damage. The simple fact is that there are a thousand more bites by mutts and other little dogs that just don't make the news. I personally have a 140-150lb Rott, and a 125lb shepherd and when we lived in our old house our neighbor let their 2 and 4 yr old children play with our dogs all the time. When we moved, all of our new neighbors had kids and they were in the yard with our dogs all the time, and they were ranging from 2yrs-11yrs old. We would never leave them alone with the kids, but I would never leave them alone with an adult either. Also all of my friends have pitbulls, and they are sweethearts. If you love your dog and teach it right from wrong you will have no problem. Keep the dog and teach it right from wrong and you and your family will have a great pet and some pretty good protection. We just recently moved again, and my neighbors told me that my dogs were the best behaved dogs they had ever seen, and they were in their 60's.

  10. let me tell you that if she has mange DO NOT TAKE HER!!!! Mange can and most ofter will effect the brain of a puppy and curing it can cost a lot of money and you will not know until a year or so if the mange effected her. Thats to bad, I went through that with a PB many years ago, I ended up putting a ton of money into trying to cure the dog and he got better but it effected his brain and I ended up putting him down.

    There are a ton of ABPT's out there along with other breeds, do yourself a favor and get your dog from a good breeder or from dogs that you know both the male and female.
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    Heres my dog "Jack"

    He is a 3 year old APBT bred from a Bolio/Boyles bloodline cross. He has nothing but fighting dogs in his pedigree, but I wan't to tell you he is the most awesome dog as a pet I have ever owned. He listens to commands and takes discipline very well. Matter of fact he is so well mannered he rarely ever needs to be disciplined.

    It wasn't always this way with "Jack" though. His first 9 months he was lucky to make it through, constantly tearing up something in our fenced in yard. It got to the point when I would come home in the afternoon, and the first thing I looked for was wtf has Jack tore up today. Man, he got plenty of beatings back then. Then about his 1st birthday, all the BS stopped and he figured out how to be a good dog. No problems since then.

    I like some have posted above have owned numerous APBT's. All but 1 of mine were excellent dogs. I had one dog that was a female that would bite for no reason. She would never bite me, but she would bite other members in my family. These were people that interacted with her daily and never showed her anything but love. She would sneak up behind them, like she was stalking prey, and sink her teeth, then haul ass after she did it like she snapped out of her temporary insanity.

    I blame it on breeding. Alot of the breeders that own these dogs practice "Line Breeding" and "In Breeding". This practice of breeding can work in two ways. Good and Bad. If this practice of breeding continues for multiple generations, bad traits can reveal themselves in numerous ways. A bad temperment is just 1 example.

    If dogs with bad temperments fall into irresponsible owners hands it's funny how some want to blame the dog. I hate to bring this to the discussion, but the stereotypical thug/crack dealer/gang member type often associated with these dogs, truthfully doesn't do anything in society correct. Why would we think or assume they would be responsible dog owners.

    For you statistic freaks out there that make judgements based on numbers, why hasn't there been any encompassing reports published per a case by case detail? The fact that politicians wan't to make laws in this country banning the ownership of these dogs is absurd. Ya that works well! Punish everyone for the actions of a few.

    Lastly, looking at statistics, a person is more likely to DIE from a coconut falling from a tree and killing them, then from a pitbull attack.

    Heh, kinda puts this whole horror show of the killer pitbulls in a different light.

  12. Jongo, real nice pit

    does he work out or somthing?
  13. I'm not wasting my time reading this entire thread but do have a few comments on the topic.

    It cracks me up that people are so stupid as to read about one pitbull attack per year and think they are experts. In every attack I've ever seen the dog had been a trained fighter by some loser POS waste of life. I've not once seen a pit like mine, the family pet, attack someone, ANYWHERE. The problem is not the breed. If you know an azzwipe that has fighting dogs, ask them, if they are looking for an agressive dog to train to fight, they will not even consider a pit that does not have a fighting bloodline. These dogs are very hard to break to the point of aggression for no reason.

    Pit's also do not have a reputation as biters unlike what someone was saying. Do a little research, APBT's and AmStaff's have not ever made the top 10 list in this country, of reported dog bites by breed. Lab's (america's pet :nonono: ) are consistently at the top of that list. A couple others that are consistently in the top 10 per year are Boston Terriers and Chiwawa (POS not worth spelling properly). Can we please outlaw those little azz rags? Yes I know there are a lot of unreported bites from pitbull's, and you know that they are all dogs ripping into some azzwipe that is beeting the hell out of them trying to turn them bad. Too bad those ****ers aren't getting mauled.

    More children under the age of ten kill people in this country every year than then number of pitbull attacks. How about we put a ban on children, period! They are a much bigger problem, it's fact, get over it. Some fuggin azzwipes jsut don't know how to raise kids or dogs, fuggin oxygen bandits is all they are.

    This is Samantha, she just turned 6 yrs old last month. We got her at 5 1/2 weeks old and she has been the angel we expected when looking for a pitbull. You can put your head in her food bowl while she is eating and push her out of the way. She will wait until you are out of the way and start eating again. You can get down an all fours and take a raw hide out of her mouth with your mouth and you will get a couple of tugs back, then she gives it up. When she was about 2 yrs old we had her at a pet store, where she saw a small girl and walked up behind wanting some love. The little girl heard us coming and took a step backward and turned around to see who/what was coming. Sammy had just stepped up when the girl stepped back and she stepped right on Sammy's foot. When she spun around she ripped one of Sammy's toenails almost completely off. Sammy yelped and the little girl stepped back, startled. Sammy put her tail between her legs, still wagging, and moved in for the love she came for. No, pitbulls aren't vicious, but you are an azzwipe for promoting that thought.

    Cliff :)
  14. Ill snap some pics of my buddys pitter and get em up on here. He is a ****in huge BEAST!
  15. I have owned a few pitbulls....a blue nose..and a tan one....i now have an american pit and i would not own any other dog...i have owned them since they were all young and they are NOT aggressive in nature towards humans at all..any pitbull trainer or enthusiast will tell u that..aggression towards other dogs is a different story...pitbulls have a huge ego about bein top dog..they are small they know when ur not feeling good and will feel the same. My advise to any pitbull owner is....socialize them when they are parks, introduce him/her to as many people as u can, and frequently, and it has worked for me.....when i was younger i did the same thing i had 3 younger sisters and he was great with them....and positive training..never punish him for doin wrong...just ignore him when he does...but every right thing he does...even if its little reward him a treat and a pet on the head...

    I feed my pitbull dry food 3 times a dar with one serving of milk a day and the rest of liquid is only water..

    Wed and Sunday i feed him juicy 14 ounce steak and milk...

    My pitbull is only 8 months old wheres a 22 inch collar, and weighs 69 lbs...

    I take him to the dog park...he looks like a lab when hes frizbee, throw baseballs and he gets them...

    When u first get him...socialize...if u need anymore advise PM me i have never had a prob with any of my pits...u can make a pit as good as a lab...and a lab as evil as untrained pit.....its all training
  16. my neighbor had 5 puppy pits tied to 1 pole this is the type that u call irresponsible no food no water 4 died from parvo. 1 was stolen i think for the good. 2months later he gets 3 more they were tied to 1 pole all tangled couldnt even move for like 2 months. They are still nice as hell after all that. Now they are in a backyard with no shade i dont know how they will turn out but definitely has to do with the owner...:bang:
  17. yea those dogs are goin to hate every1 but each other...no1 will be able to come near them...only the person that feeds them..that is animal cruelty and ANY dog treated like that would go crazy
  18. your pm box is full. :nice:
  19. i hope you guys can see is my PitBull..chubbz hes about 6 months old in the pic...weighed about 50 lbs...hes now 9 months old and weighs 64lbs.....he loves the dog parks and steaks on wed and thursdays with a nice big bowl of milk....he currently wears a 22 inch coli was trying to write the word CHUBBZ at the top of the pic...lemme know if it works cause i can see any pics while im a work

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  20. agreed. I have some measure of experience with the dogs and they are aggresive and moody. Not so big a deal with smaller dogs, but ones with the power of a pitbull can be very dangerous.

    They have a very high pain threshold, they are smart and strong, athletic and born to protect/do damage. Even properly raised pits (Am-Staffs actually) can be dangerous to SMALL things. Not so much grown humans, but they are very aggressive towards other animals, and all it takes is that dog to see your child in the wrong light and it can go badly.

    Do they deserve their reputation? Not really, no. But the fact remains, and it is a fact, that they can be dangerous and unpredictable. Also, poeple like to buy backyard pits from random idiots selling them and the result is often a dog of god-knows what lineage. These animals are chain bred often times and the puppys pawned off on anyone willing to pay the price. VERY dangerous to invest in a dog like that. Finding a reputable breeder is SO very important.

    Also, on the locking jaws, totally false, as has been stated. They have, for their size, VERY powerful jaws and take a hell of alot to give up their grip but they dont lock and their bite isnt comparable to an alligator. I could end up being corrected, but I'm relatively sure the strongest PSI bite in the animal kingdom is the Hyena. Jaw muscles are just stupidly huge.

    As for dogs, this is mine:

    His name is Jeff. 2 year old English Mastiff. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old and had handled and socialized him since 4 days after he was born. I will never in my life own any other dog than a Mastiff. He has the greatest temperment of any dog you could imagine and though clumsy, is as gentle as can be.

    He weighs 207pds as of about a month ago and from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose is 6'4' with a neck that wont hit into a 30in. collar. His strength is phenomenal but hes so goofy he has no idea. He thinks he's a lap dog which is pretty funny, minus the pain of him trying to sit on you and get comfortable.

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