any one have pit bulls for dogs?

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  1. I usually hate these threads.

    Pits are no more unpredictable than ANY OTHER TYPE OF DOG- remember folks, dogs are ANIMALS and as such, you should never, ever trust one totally.

    That said, my four year old spade female Pitbull is the BEST dog I've ever owned or even encountered. She is loyal, protective, affectionate, smart, energetic- overall just a great pet.

    She was a rescue- she was taken at 5 months from a crack house. Her parents were put to sleep, my wife and I adopted her.

    Owning a powerful dog is a big responsibility. When owners shirk that responsibility the breed gets a bad name.
  2. awesome SWARKZ.....good job saving a great dog:nice:
  3. Here is a picture of my Pit. She's 4 years old and very fat! Meet my Pig....

    Ahh cant get the picture to work, oh well.