Any One Here Daily Drive Their Fox ?

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  1. Im thinking using my 88 mustang lx 5.0 automatic for daily drive until winter,
  2. Yup right here bud, it's great I love it. Get tons of looks every day just driving
  3. I did for years. Then again for about 7 months last year.
  4. I still see plenty of daily driven Foxes up here in the northeast. I pass by 2 on my commute to work. One guy was driving it right into the heart of winter as well.

    I personally couldn't do it. I've gotten spoiled by the creature comforts of new daily driver's that are quite fast themselves, so I like when i can pop into the seat of my Fox every 7 months and take it for a 1 mile drive. :)
  5. I drive mine daily for about 8 to 9 months out of the year. Less this year since we have the never ending winter.
    I see a guy at a local trucking company that drives his dark green GT year round. Still in decent shape, considering.
  6. summer daily/weekend driver,definitely enjoy driving it more summer evenings rather than then summer traffic though,331 stroker and heavy duty clutch dosnt help,but its fine to drive every day if i wanted too...
  7. I drove mine right into the heart of winter :( you should see all the paint chips from the salt and rocks.
    It needed a paint job before hand so it didn't really matter.
    Wish I had a different daily driver for that, the fox was my only car.

    Daily driving my fox is pretty fun, a stock run down AOD kinda ruins it though. I don't get that many looks but I did get a thumbs up from a guy in a SN95 :nice:. We both had our tops down on the interstate.
  8. warm weather, sunny, top down... for sure!! DD ended around 01/02. nothing special to look at.... didnt want to kill her and my sedan with AOD is easier in traffic
  9. I've had my 89 lx convertible for about 4 months and I drive it everyday to and from work. The commute is short though and traffic is never bad.
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  10. not a mustang, but clse enough, i drive my 82 fairmont all the time.
  11. I couldnt daily drive my 85 mustang gt 5 speed, the rich carb old car smell i hate so much, feel like im going to choke on carbon monoxide,
    my truck gettind 13mpg on city atm, was thinking using the 88 for a little better on gas. I hate filling $70 a week lol. mabe the mustang will cut down to 30-40 a week.

    fox body are rare on my area
  12. I manage to get 16-18 city/back roads and 20-22 interstate. This is from an engine that is stock and tired. Gas for me is usually $25-$35 a week (about 160 miles). On average I fill up about 7-10 gallons. The low fuel light comes on when there is still 5 gallons in the tank :shrug:
  13. lol my 85 gt fuel light just like your, it came on, but only take 20 dollar 5-6 gallon to fill up. Im only using none ethanol gas
  14. Daily here. 50 miles per day, 5 days a week. 19 mpg. $60 to fill it with premium.
  15. I only recently started using 91 because of an engine tick. You could save A LOT if you just use 87 if 91 is not required.

    Edit: Fixed my octane ratings lol...
  16. mabe next fill up, add a bottle of chevron fuel system cleaner and fill up with chevron gas, then switch back to 87
  17. I just used some Gumout stuff so I'm unsure if that would be healthy to follow up with the chevron stuff. Plus sheetz is 20 cents cheaper than all the other gas stations (for a reason im sure :nonono:)
  18. Back incollege I DD a 90 lx 5.0 I had, and delivered pizza in it at night. Filled it up every other day. youshould have seen some of the looks I got with the sign on the car. The ricers in town hated me.
  19. I daily drive my supercharged 89 GT 5speed. I bought it because that was my intent. I wanted something fun to drive. Been doing this for 2 years. I try not to drive in snow and wait until the salt/beet juice/whatever that chit is they put down now is gone. Midwest.
  20. I used to daily drive mine year round for 2 years. It was relatively stock, all the way down to the stock catback. I stopped driving it years ago and it just sat. I bought me a 2011 Ford Taurus and now I'm spoiled by that because of its comforts (heated seats, leather, SYNC, bluetooth, etc)