Any pics of aftermarket head units?

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  1. I think I am going to have to replace my head unit. I can't seem to locate a stock Mach 460 deck locally so I might have to go with an ugly aftermarket one. Please show me that it won't look too bad to have an aftermarket head unit.

  2. Jon,

    Is that a Pioneer DEH-7600MP? If so, that's the same head I've got and not worth posting another picture of.

    Tho they do look fantastic lit up at night IMO.
  3. No, its the DEH-P6600...cheaper, doesnt play MP3s. I think they look the same though. The graphics are pretty cool :nice:
  4. Pineer Rocks... they last forever and are very user friendly...

    I jsut put a deh-p3600 in my truck and my mustang has a premier version of the same unit in it!!!

  5. I have the pioneer deh-p7600mp it great and sound awesome. The graphics can be distracting at first but it goes away :D

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  6. alpine cda-9833

  7. Hey those head units aren't that bad looking. I noticed that some of them have a flip-down face to access the cd slot. When I was messing with them in the store, the face would wiggle when I push the buttons. Does this happen for you flip-down face guys?
  8. It may I really never noticed any with mine.

  9. Doesnt on mine...could just be from people constantly playing with it in the store. :shrug:
  10. I've still got the stock 460 in mine, but in the past I had an Alpine head unit and loved it. The thing worked perfectly for the 4 years I had the truck it was in, and GREAT sound quality from it :nice: plus it had sub woofer control separate from normal treble/bass controls. Also, I think Alpine has a very clean look to their units, so they dont seem to stand out too much in the interior. The only real drawback was the price ($550 new for the one I had), but I am pretty sure you can get a nice one in the $300-ish range.
  11. My pioneer in my truck does a little, but my Alpine doesn't. I'm really happy with both units, sound quality is awesome with my Apline. The Pioneer doesn't sound as good as the alpine, but it has seperate sub contols(also on the Alpine), MP3 playback, and a remote, so I can live with it.:D
  12. Here's mine...I run the Pioneer 9400. Does everything. Even has a michrophone that you set out and get out of the car and it adjusts the entire system via the mic by itself.
  13. when my freind finds the cable for the camera he lent me i will get a pic up. I think mine is PERFECT for our cars. When off it flips to have a black panel that matches the dash. not flashy or ricey at all on the faceplate either :nice: .
  14. wow you would actually prefer to have a pos mach h/u over an aftermarket unit for looks alone... :shrug: i mean a quality aftermarket h/u sounds about 1000000000000 times better than the pos mach crap....btw you can buy my mach 460 head units right now on ebay if you'd like... :D
  15. Go for a alpine you cant go wrong, deffently the best hu's out there.
  16. LMAO!!!

    Wytstang, you and I have the same stereo setup (including the factory CD deck still in place) :rlaugh:

    When I replaced my head unit, I didn't have the little tray to put in place of the factory CD and I still haven't gotten around to getting the Autometer oil pres. & water temp. gauges to put on a panel down there.

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  17. LMAO I've been telling myself to order that tray for almost a year and still haven't done it.