Any pics of aftermarket head units?

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  1. luckily i had an old tray from my 93 in the garage,and it fits good...finally pulled out the mach cd player and now theyre on ebay....
  2. Pioneer deh-p4500mp
  3. If you just need the tray you can have mine when I do the Mach 460 conversion. If you wanna put gauges down there you're on your own :nice:
  4. Eric that sound like a plan to me :nice:
  5. :nice:
  6. Rocking the Pioneer 940MP. Best single-DIN HU ever! I've had this one for 3+ years and even the buttons are still tight and it looks like new.
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  7. Folded up: (faceplate has an "active display", looks cool at night)

    Folded down: (Zero wash-out, easy to use controls)

    Mines a Sony CDX-M620. Its a couple yrs old now, but the updated version is still very nice.

    Here's some advertiser images:

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