Any pics of SILVER Shelby Redline Rims??

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  1. Anyone out there have a pic of the Redlines in Silver? I have seen plenty of pics in "Gun Metal" I am trying to decide between these two for my Black 05 Gt. Any info or pics would be great

    Enclosed is a pic of my car.

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  2. This is from It's just the base black GT, but the Silver Redline wheels.


    I believe the gunmetal wheels will better match your stripes than silver wheels, but it is personal preference:nice: Nice car BTW:D
  3. yeah I too am now leaning towards the gun metals.. I just wonder if I can find the gun metals for the same price as I found the Silver ones.
  4. [​IMG]

    Dead thread revival...
    Mine are for sale $600 + Shipping for wheels and tires.