Any problems installing a Pypes o/r X?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by fobra559, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. I'm getting my present early this year:D and wanted to know if anyone encountered any problems with installing a Pypes o/r X? Thanks.
  2. Anyone? Guess no problems with fitments:shrug:
  3. it's a one piece design, some don't like that - i prefer it. Should be fine, you have more room to get at the manifold studs with no cats.
  4. Cool, Thanks.
  5. One more question, How low does it hang? My car is lowered 1.5 inches. Will I make clearance?
  6. I just put one on my car, 2000 Gt pypes o/r x pipe. easy as hell and no problems.
  7. How's the clearance? I have a 1.5 inch drop, should I watch out for speed bumps?
  8. It should fit just like the stock H pipe.
  9. Sweet, Thanks.
  10. The Pypes O/R X is a two piece design and it fits perfect. My car is lowered 2" and with the x on I only scraped on the mufflers before I went under there and tightened everythign uo.

  11. Thanks for the input. Mine is only lowered 1.5 inches so I guess I'm good. Does it sound really loud, enough to get pulled over?
  12. I guess it depends on where you live. It was loud when I got on, and with my pypes cat-back I didn't think it sounded that great so I switched to an O/R H-Pipe. But with a straight through muffler it sounds bad ass.

  13. I have Chambered Flows, some one has the same setup and it sounded great. I guess as long as I don't drive like a maniac, I think I will be fine. I live in Cali btw. I know it's illegal here but I'm willing to take the risk and plus it's not my DD as I got my other mustang for that. So really I only drive my pride and joy on weekends:D
  14. 2piece design, easy to install - good fit, no problems - did it myself easily - though air tools (with extensions and swivels) do most of the work. If you can battle thru the pass side (which is a challenge, but not that difficult - you just have to look up and see where you need to go, then assemble extensions and swivels to get you there)'ll be set.
    I'm dropped about 1.75" and I just have to watch some of those TALL speed bumps, otherwise, I'm fine.
    It's loud for me, but I've got the Borla Stinger catback, not known for being tame.
  15. hey man its doug, you shouldnt have any problems, mines lowered 2.5 inchs with the bassani. just take it easy crossin speed bumps and all. as far as sound, like i said mine sounds like a cobra with the loud mouth cat back. but ive gotten nothin but complaments. but ive heard way louder, now that i thought about it my buddy has has the pypes-x and i think hes runnin the same flows as min and yours, so i know you wont have any problems. as far as install, not a problem either, just make sure you have jacks, and jackstands. and some pb blaster to spray on you bolts about 30 mins. prior to workin on it, and power tools are nice for the manifold collector bolts, but hand tools will work.
  16. Cool, I usually try to avoid speed bumps as much as possible. Thanks for your input man:flag:

    Yeah, I think as long I don't act and do anything stupid I'll be least until the excitement boils over for a couple of weeks:D Thanks for the info:flag:
  17. :D yeah they have a noise ordenance here in n.c. but the cops here around mooresville n.c. (race city u.s.a being close to lowes motor speedways nextel cup track) the cops just look, ive actually gotten complaments from the polce and highway patrol here. gotta love it here right?
  18. Nice, I wish Cali was the same way with the po-po but most are just plain D***'s. I wish they didn't have emission laws here:nonono:
  19. shoot man id be movin out or somethin, i can always visit my fam. during the holidays:rlaugh:
  20. I would, but I have no money and I'm lazy:D