Any problems installing a Pypes o/r X?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by fobra559, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. I dont think the excitement will boil over for a long time :nice:
  2. my advise is to take your guys time when you install every thing, as long as you have never tampered with the stock h everything should go well,i dont think that a company as big as pypes would sell ne thing that didnt work. thats my opinion
  3. yeah, always loved the sound of my mufflers + o/r x - but MY GF didn't like the smell and cops like me enough as it is. But it sounds sweet:
  4. Yeah, I seen this video before, his setup sounds sweet. My GF is probably not going to like it either, but I can put the blame on her for buying for me:lol:
  5. Just got my Pypes X-pipe yesterday will be installing it Saturday or Sunday and I will let you all know how it goes. It came with a big orange printout explaining that if you do not install the pipe how they tell you in the directions then you could have fitment problems, this is probally caused by the 2-piece design. I will update here once I install to verify this.
  6. Same here man. I got mine yesterday from BrenSpeed and got the orange paper with the warning. Got a nice emblem too with it. Good Luck on the install and report back about any problems.
  7. I will def. report back. I don't think that I will have any problems though, very quality looking x-pipe. Much nicer looking than my BBK Catted X-pipe. I was going to go with a Prochamber but for the price of the Pypes I figured it was at least worth trying out. I got them emblem too, not sure what to do with it though....probally just end up on my toolbox.
  8. I'm thinking of just slapping it on my DD V6 mustang:D Don't forget an exhaust vid too if you can.
  9. CRAZY!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the fitment issues. But mine literally took me 30 mins or less to put in. NOW!!!! the difference might be that i already had the Pypes catback on. Every car is different i guess. BUT I LOVE THE SOUND!! :nice: - Just idle - Revvin the ***** out of it - Lil Burnout

    I remember trying to put a used Mac h pipe in my 86 gt. What a PAIN. But i hope you guys get yours to fit and are pleased with the end result. PEACE MM
  10. I wonder if the X pipe fit differently on your car because it was a convertible. I'm just guessing that's why it fit horrible.
  11. I just installed my new Pypes O/R x-pipe, and the fitment couldn't have been better. It just bolted right up. The only thing is, I couldn't get 2 of the 4 O2 sensors off the stock h-pipe, so I have a couple of gaping holes in my midpipe. :nonono: I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow morning for a tune-up and routine maintenance, so I'm just gonna tell them to put some O2 sensors on the x-pipe and check to see if all the bolts are tight while they're at it.

    BTW: PB Blaster is amazing :D
  12. Glad the fitments went well. How does it sound? I'm going to try to get it on next week if I have a chance.
  13. Honestly... It sounds great. I'm in love with the sound of it. The only thing is my gasket got cracked so I have a minor leak which is very annoying, but I'm planning on heading to Ford tomorrow to get a new one and put it on there which shouldn't take too long. The difference in the top-end is very noticeable too.

    Definitely getting a lot more looks, and it seems to scare the ricers off. :D
  14. Cool man, I'm happy that you like them. Guess I'm up next. The gasket is very easy to break, you have to be very careful with it but it happens. Should be a lot better knowing that it's going to get fixed. Are you going to put up a vid soon?

    So what's your next mod? A shifter it seems?
  15. I just finished putting mine on and the fit was not great but I was able to work with it. You just need to very loosely bolt everything up and then start slowing working your way around tightening each connection down a little bit at a time until you have everything tight. I think it has alot to do with what Cat-Back that you have, that seems to be the difference in the fit issues. Ground clearance is really good. The sound is way better than my BBK Catted X-pipe, quite a bit louder and it really has that X-pipe sound that my BBK pipe did'nt really have.

    Sorry I don't have a camera right now because the battery will not hold a charge, gonna find a battery for my camera on ebay and when I get it I will post a video on youtube.
  16. It's good to know yours went well and sounds good to you. I have Flows and everyone that seems to have them doesn't have trouble with the fitments. At least the ones that I have talked to. Looking forward to your sound clip man:flag:
  17. Yeah every car is different I guess, it wasn't hard to put on just took a little bit of work going back and forth between connections getting everything tightened down slowly.
  18. After a day of driving it around, installing new O2 sensors, and a new gasket, the car just sounds amazing. I have a huge smile on my face as I'm driving it, and I've already gotten compliments on it. I'll take vids as soon as I can (if I get access to a vid cam). I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Fitment was great, and the sound is incredible. The car pulls better in the top-end, as well.

    I'm giddy like a school girl right now! :D
  19. Glad you like it man and your happy with them:flag:

    Now stay out of trouble:D
  20. I'm always on it now because I just want to hear it. :p

    It seems to scare the ricers off, though. :D