Any Problems with Armor All Protectant?

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  1. I bought my stang like 6 months ago and I have been using armor all protectant wipes to clean the dash and console, just because it looks awesome when its all done. A neighbor of mine commented on how clean my interior looked and asked what I used on it, I told him armor all, and he shook his head and said not to use it. He said that armor all has a tendency to warp dashes after an extended period of time. I have never heard anything like this from anyone else. I wouldnt really think anything of his opinion on the subject, except he is an auto mechanic and has been for the last 20 years. Has anyone ever heard anything like this, or had any first hand experience with it, if so I would like to know. Thanks a lot.
  2. I've never heard of it warping the surface over an extended period of time. Remember, not everyones experience is going to be the same as yours. I've used the Armor all leather cleaner on my leather seats multiple times and have yet to have a problem with it.
  3. Used it on several cars that I've owned. Never had a cracked dash. I don't know why some people hate Armor All so much.
  4. Well, some people hate Armor All (the normal stuff, not the leather cleaner) because it contains petroleum distillates, which has a bad reputation. I've never seen anything bad happen, but I've heard others claim that it'll eat into the vinyl given a long enough period of time.

    All the same, I already use a silicone/siloxane-based dash cleaner, so it doesn't really affect me.
  5. I owned a 67 Stang that was destroyed on the interior due to Armorall use also a 91 Shadow and an 80 Colt all same issues. Dry rotting Dashs and vinyl. I was told by a friend that detailed cars that if you use armor all its kinda like synthetic oil, you have to use it all the time. I dont know if its true or not, but I only use Mcguires or Mothers now. I know it dry rots your tires faster but then again most of the shiny products do over extended time and infrequent use.
  6. I've read all the bad reviews too. But if it was really bad stuff would they keep making it and selling harmful product? All I know is that I've used it for years on vinyl, leather, and tires without any problems that I'm aware of. That being said, now that there are more readily available products for leather treatment, I use them. Its my opinion that a specific product for leather should be used for leather. But for vinyl and rubber I still use Armor All.
  7. ive heard of cracking vinyl, but ive never had any problems, maybe its just from the dashes being overexposed to sunlight?
  8. :stupid:

    Seriously, I've had my Mustang for 3 years now and I dont even treat the leather or dash trim that often and it still looks great. If you're worried that Armor all is going to harm your interior, then hey, no law says you have to use it. If its price you're worried about, then switch to using Turtle wax Formula 2001 treatment for leather, vinyl and rubber. It's just as good if not better.
  9. Meguiar's smells better anyway.
  10. The forumal for Armor All was probably changed years ago. I doubt it is much different than most the other products on the shelves these days.

    I have tried a lot of products for the interior and right now my favorite is 1Z Cockpit Premium. It is like a quick detailer for your interior. It leaves a matte finish which I like and a smell that is similar to a new car. You can use it on everything from plastic to vinyl to leather which saves time.
  11. I'll have to try that cockpit stuff, I hate having like 5 different cleaners around, especially since I dont have a garage :(
    As far as IF Armorall deteriorates your car why would they continue to sell it? Because from my experiances and what I've heard it only does this if you dont use it concistantly. So "buy my product, oh btw if you dont use it every week your stuff will crack"..... or just look at cig companies, they know thier product harms us, but they know you HAVE (sorry I'm weak willed) to continue use.
    Oh and I do love the way Mcquires smells, I like new car scent, but this smell is different yet good in its own way. I wish they made a house air freshener with that smell :D
  12. i heard that the armour all interior spray stuff makes the dash board crack.
  13. that's exactly what I was going to say.

    you can get the cockpit premium at It is not sold in retail stores.

    Armorall switched to a water based formula a couple years ago, so it will not really harm your dash. I dont use it cause it creates a blinding glare (which is the last thing I need I my field of vision) and looks greassy + cheezy.

    It works OK on tires, if applied properly
  14. I have been using armourall since 1997. Granted I use it about once a week. But I have had no problems.

    Im may be some people who have had problems have a specific type of vinyl that it may break down ?
  15. Armor All will dry rot everything that it comes into contact with. After everyone elses claims, I took an old leather jacket and armor-alled it. Put it back in the closet and didn't look at it for like a year. It came out discolored and cracked. No sunlight involved.

    I've had it crack dashes, and dry-rot tires on me over the years. Also its may look good on your interior right after its applied, but the first time you roll your windows down your dash becomes full of lint and dust.

    I use a product called Foam Away. Its what we use int he detail shop and it leaves everything clean and natural looking.
  16. My experience with armor-all

    I have owned my 1985 GT w/t-tops since I bought it new in Dec '84. I have been using Armor-All on it's dash and interior pieces since new - no cracks, no warping, no problems. The only thing is, I agree with BigWheelinBubba that it collects lint. OTOH, I've just started using Meguiar's and I really like it. :)
  17. Here is a guide to interior care.
    Interior care
    I agree Einszett Tiefenpfleger (pronounced “Tee-fen-flee-gar”) is the BEST protectant. I have tried Lexol, Vinelex, 303, Mothers and 1Z gave me the best results. It lasts even ont the out side trim.
  18. Ever wonder why on a new car the windshield get a coating or build-up on it? In simplist terms, that's actually the vinyl "drying". Some of it's materials are volatile so they flash off and end up on the windshield. Products like Aromorall replenish the vinyl AND thus prevent drying. I believe that most of the bad-rap that armorall gets is a bunch of bunk. Folks see a cracked dash and someone says "I think they used Armorall". I have been using that stuff for 20 works. There are other products that don't shine soo much if that is not your cup of tea. I use it regualrly on my Vert as the sun takes a beating on the interior and many of these products have UV blockers.

    I have also used 2001, Sun of a Gun... you name it. I just recently tried the new Maguires NXT Interior product too. I will probably be using that for a while. The stuff is really good, but feels very oily, but not after it sits on the car for a while.

    I have had the best success using convertible top cleaner on the interior and then covering with an Armorall type product.
  19. Actually, many of the older dashes would warp and crack over the years anyway. When I am working on changing windshields, I can tell people that armorall because they cant reach all the way down the dash. The places the armorall hits look very nice and still seem new, the places they miss are cracked or brittle, and it is a very noticeable line between armorall'd places and the missed areas.

    Armorall needs to be done much like oil changes, or else it is pointless to use it. The biggest enemy of any dash is sunlight and heat. Cars become like ovens in the sun, and that is what dries out and cracks the dash. Hell, veggie oil would be similiar to armorall in terms of protecting the dash from baking.
  20. 303 is a good choice(breathable)