Any really sharp looking rims out there besides Cobra R's?

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  1. Since I need tires pretty soon and I'm probably going to get either the Traction T/A, or the Firehawk Wide Oval tires, next up are rims. Right now I got the stockers but I want to upgrade into something sweet. Is there anything out there you don't see on the everyday stang that really looks good? I've been searching and searching but nothing has really caught my eye. The Steeda Ultralite II 18x9.5 look pretty good IMO but I'm still not sure.

    Now don't get me wrong, the Cobra R's look sexy as hell any bascially any mustang. I'm just trying to see if there is anything else out there that is worth it, that's all. If not, I'll fall back and get the Cobra R's, I really don't mind.

    Also, are they any differences between 17" and 18" rims? I know if you get something like 19" or 20" (which I'm not getting) you'll lose performance, but is that the same case with the 18" rims?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!:nice:
  2. I have some American Racing Rebel model 699 rims that are 18x9 in the front and 18x10 in the back:

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    The ride is going to be a little bit firmer that using a 17 or even a 16 inch rim due to the increased sidewall stiffness. Also most cases an 18" rim will weigh more than a 17" rim creating more unsprung weight- more unsprung weight, the more power it takes to turn the wheels. If you plan to do much drag racing I'd recommend staying away from getting 18"s and get a lighter rim.

    I weighed mine once and then put on some weld 15" rims on the back and skinnies on the front and the difference in unsprung weight was almost 100 lbs!
  3. Fikse FM\5's :)
  4. the 5 spoke Roush Racing Rims
    I love mine
  5. Racing Hart Wheels, Boyd Wheels, HRE Wheels, Colorado Custom Wheels,
    Depends on how much you want to spend $$$$$$
  6. Gibbo the wheels are hot but the blue is amazing
  7. rims are a very subjective thing. some people hate my fr500s, but i love them. others love chrome, but chrome is just not my style.

    but there are lots of rims to choose from. is a good place to start.
  8. Tireracks prices are crazy.. when it come to wheels. I prefer
  9. On the 94-98 body style I like the Torq. Thrust II's. or even the boyd rims that look like them (they are sexy).

    I have 17x9's in front with a 17x11 in the rear.
  10. [​IMG]I get alot of compliments on them from the local stang guys around here.
  11. On the 94-98 body style I like the Torq. Thrust II's. or even the boyd rims that look like them (they are sexy).

    I have 17x9's in front with a 17x11 in the rear.

    For the track I have Pro Stars. 15x3(whatever size they are), and 15x8's (wish they were 10's though). When I get my 00gt brakes on I am going to take a pic. with the TTII's on one side and the welds on the other.

    TTII's and/or Pro Stars is a mean combo, I got both.
  12. :nice:
  13. Fikse's are some pretty fantastic looking wheels. Very expensive. I personally like the Profil 5S alot.

    With that said, I'm running the Steeda Ultralite II's 17x9 with a satin finish.


    I think they fit the car perfectly.

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  14. Looks like I got more options to explore, lol.

    Keep the pictures coming!
  15. another post for CCW's

  16. I'm so jelous, Have 17in cobras, I love them. The only thing that sucks is that everyone and there brother has them.
  17. Mine rule all in this world. MB Italia, discontinued, OEM equip. on Ferrari's but these are off their own line.

    18 X 8 and 18 X 9 - they're hyperblack (silver) so they shine at night - it's awesome. 18''s are the way to go, 17''s suck and 19'' don't belong on a SN95.

    Get wheel spacers though!

    And get GSD3 F1 tires! They are the best, I have NEVER skidded in the rain, EVER.

    I'm biased :)

    EDIT - When I think about it, they're like a Cobra/Steeda combo - but then they're unique and they're shinier - which I like instead of chrome - so that about sums it up. And the centercaps are badass too. Most mustang wheels esp. the replicas have the gayest centercaps since they're not OEM.

    Here's the car pic:

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  18. Triple, those rims are different. In a very good way..

    How much did you pay for those? I'm hoping they aren't ridiculously expensive.