Any really sharp looking rims out there besides Cobra R's?

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  1. Those are the wheels im planning on buying next spring. does anybody have any of these black chrome or hyperblack wheels on any car? I've looked almost everywhere for pics of them on a car. I've heard the finish sometimes isnt the best but im thinking these on a black car will look sweet
  2. I say get Hyperblack. Hyperblack is the same thing as Hypersilver, just different names for the same thing. It looks better than standard alloy rims, and less tacky than chrome. It's worth it, just make sure the finish is made by a reputable manufacturer, and in the replica case - it should be.
  3. Do those saleens come in 17"? I don't want to lose road performance.

    But man, I've been searching every mustang thread here and the corral and I've yet to finalize a decision. This is hard, lol.

    Does anyone know what the "average" price for a rim is? I really don't know what is considered cheap, a bargin, or expensive. And those FR500's do they come in a polished silver color? I'll post a pic of my car once I find it, maybe that might help the process of finding a rim that looks good.

    Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it, I really do. :)
  4. Chowder Head I found the website for AK tires, but the link is dead. Since they are right next to where I work, I will stop by today and make sure they are still open.
  5. what about chrome saleens?
  6. i have the 17x9 and 17x10.5 black bullets with 275/45/17 in front and 315/35/17 goodyear GSD3'S. From sidewall to sidewall the fronts measure 11" and the rears are just over 13" :nice: peace

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  8. Clean the wheel wells up...paint them black. Put some tire shine on the tires. Put some nice dark tint on the windows with a strip across the top of the windshield. Got some smoked light covers AND :Teh-Win:

    When u do a car like that it ONLY looks good when its CLEAN. Dirt can ruin it sooo easily.
  9. Damn, those Fahrens look sweet as well. I was also checking out the Koing Villian's (anyone got these?) they don't look half bad either.

    Now after really looking at the FR500's, I'm starting to dig em.
    Of the rims listed here what do you think would look better on my car? Not the best quality but here it is.

    I'm thinking either the chrome, the silver, or the anthracite ones.
  10. Just thought Id post some pics of my baby :D

    took these pics really quick one day before work. havnt had time for new ones, sorry!

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  11. When I first saw the picture of your car, Chowder, I immediately looked where you were from because I saw a car in town here yesterday that looks IDENTICAL to yours, even has the graphics...turns out you're way the **** down south....

    Ah well....03 Cobra's???


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  12. MustangvertGT, can you post some more pics of your car. I'd like to see a nice straight on shot of the side, I'm thinking of getting black bullits with the polished lip, and my car's red also. Thanks a lot man.
  13. Looks are the 17's on mine:



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  14. Will do. Ill take them tomorrow as im at work right now and my cam sucks at night, lol.
  15. Thanks again. Also, what size/width are those rims/tires.
  16. 60_DSC01382.jpg


    Another vote for the 03 Cobra rims.
    I just need to get rid of the 4X4 look

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  17. I am simple, Bulitts do it for me.
  18. Bump, I need some more ideas for rims.
  19. One more question. When a rim is "deep dish" does that mean it's sorta pushed in farther on the rim itself?