Any regrets about buying a V6 instead of a V8?

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  1. Debating on if I should buy a V6 or V8 as a daily driver. Going to do 20 miles per day round trip. Anyone regret not getting a V8?
  2. I owned a V6 and now own a V8. The gas mileage is not that much different. Neither is the insurance. I love(d) both cars but have to admit I am happier with the V8. I would recommend the V8 though both are great cars.
  3. 90 miles/day round-trip.

    ~ 24-25mpg

    Having driven an Auto V6 and my 5-speed GT, I really can't say enough good things about the V8 over the V6.

    The V6 has some power but sounds terrible and overall the GT feels like you're getting more car for the money.

    Both run on 87 octane and the V6 is only going to net you MAYBE another 1 or 2mpg if you drive both lightly.
  4. As stated, the gas mileage is within a few percent, same grade fuel unless you do 91 octane tuning. And the power difference is tremendous. Overall the GT is a better car when it comes to handling, braking, accelerating, etc. And handling and braking are safety concerns too.

    Insurance SHOULD be minimally different. The cost of repairs are similar between the models.

    Buy what you can afford. If you need to have a warranty and are looking used, then just go with an aftermarket warranty. Shop around for prices on that too, and check with your local dealer to make sure that they accept that warranty company.

    GT's can be had used and unbeaten for under $18,000. If it came down to price I would take a used GT over a brand new V6. I wouldn't even think twice or regret it. You are getting all the options for your money. And when people ask about your car you don't have to say "I wish I had bought the GT but mines just the V6."
  5. No regrets yet dude and I do 20k a yr on mine as a daily driver. :)
  6. The sixer is peppy enough for me and looks good.

    No regrets. :)
  7. I love the quote!
  8. It depends on what you want and how you drive. If you push your car, you'll probably enjoy the V8 more. For me, I don't, so the additional cost/insurance/gas didn't make sense.

    No regrets here.
  9. i shoulda gotten the v8 but went with the 6 id trade it in now but its got over a hundred k and isnt worth it for me to do now....ahhh if you want balls go with the v8 other than that i get mad compliments even with the 6
  10. Im happy with my sixxer, :nice:
  11. Don't assume the V6 is going to save you a lot on gasoline and insurance. I have had both and the difference is very little. If you have a good driving record and aren't a teenager, the insurance for the GT will be very little more.
    The MPG also isn't much different. The GT does cost more but it also gives you more.
    I once assumed the MPG and insurance were vastly different for the two. They aren't, so don't let that be your deciding factors.
    Both are great cars. The GT, I believe, is just more fun.
  12. So far no regrets. I like my v6, but I will be modding it, starting with an XCharger. By the time I finish modding I'll probably end up having spent just as much as I would if I just got a GT to start with, but I got a KILLER deal on this car that I would have been dumb to pass up. Used V8s are still going for well over 20k around here.


  13. Not at first ,,,, I was as happy as hell with my 6`er for 3 years :banana:

    But then FORD came out with this ........

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  14. I've got 2006 SCS (9" racing stripes, 1000w stereo, GT wing, ABS, GT shocks & sway bar, pony package). I added a GT muffler, gained 1/2 mpg and better sound. I'm enjoying it as my DD.
  15. Looks like the majority would prefer the GT. Too bad Ford didn't build the sixer as 270 hp, just as GM is doing with the V6 camaro.
  16. Get the V8 GT!

    Last year I bought a 2007 V6...after 10 months I traded it for a 2008 GT, no comparison. I travel about 15,000 miles annually, and get 20 mpg city/25 mpg highway, not much less than the V6 but with a ton more power and options for upgrading.

    Jerry Wilgus :nice:
  17. The GT is the way to go....... if you have the capitol to invest in the beginning. I chose the V6 because there aint no way I'm gettin a GT for under 16k, and that is about all I could afford. I have nickel and dimed the 6 since then and I have probably as much invested as if I had bought a GT, but it has been over time, and as I could afford, instead of a higher monthly payment. I am happy, I have a supercharger for her now, and with that bolted on and tuned, I should have just as much fun as a GT, and nobody will suspect it. Good times.
  18. I'm opposite. I bought a '98 v6 first and after it was totalled, I bought a '94 v8 and regretted not getting a v8 the first time around!

    It's true...gas mileage isn't that much different...I still fill up the same amount of times per month as when I had my v6 and insurance isn't much different either.
  19. I have a 2007 V6, it was good but now I have added a Air Raid CAI, throttle body spacer, GMS coil with new plugs and 10 mm live wire plug wires, finished off with a Pypes True Dual exhaust conversion and a SCT tuner, so with just $1800 in improvements I can run head to head with a GT, they are 300 HP and I'm 280, so the $5000 I saved over a GT, Id do it again, love my 4.0 and sounds better and meaner then a stock GT, you just need to know what to do