Any Speaker Upgrades For Premium Sound In A 93 ?

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  1. OK sio I had posted this in the wrong place so starting over . I have the premium cassette with six speakers and the amp under the pass seat .
    So I've been reading on here a bit and found out I do have premium sound cassette . Door speakers and amp under the pass seat . So all speakers are 6ohm except the dash which are 3.5 . Are there any upgrades for the speakers . They don't sound bad , no cracking or weird noises or anything . But I would like to get better sound . I did read "Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang " on here and great info . I had already wanted to get the cd slave to add on which are easier to find and am glad to know there is a difference in the face plates . Round vs square which my car has .

    I know adding 4ohm speakers will overheat the amp and leave me with nothing . Also running more efficient speakers will give you better sound w/o having to overpower . Not finding 6ohm and would 8ohm speakers produce lower levels of sound ? Any better speakers from another Ford that would work or should I use 8ohm . The 8ohm speakers are more money but no biggie .

    I guess I can run 4ohm in the dash . Some good 2ohm speakers that say they combine with your speaker wire to produce 4ohm load and over 90db sensitivity with 25rms and 75w max . No need for more than that . Are the 6x8 94-04 Mustang premium sound speakers the same ohm's ? I think I'll try searching this next . All the 6x8's are the same #'s F4ZF-18971-CA . So they are the same just newer and possible in better condition . The plugs may or may not be different . Might have changed after 94 . MACH 460 speakers 94-2004 for the doors 4x6 may work for the rear as well but the last two letters are AA and they look much deeper . Maybe too deep . The AA are 8x5 3/4 so will not fit .

    Don't want to get to crazy here . Hoping to get a CD slave or equalizer if possible afterwards .
  2. I threw some sound ordnance 3.5s into the dash of my car this week. They sound nice. I don't know if I have premium sound, I will check. For $29 on sale from Crutchfields you cant beat it though. Nice fit.
  3. RE Audio XXX 18" Sub :bang:
    Ha-ha jk :flame::dead:
  4. 88VertLX5.0 do you have door speakers ? If you do then you have premium sound unless some previous owner added them and grilles . Your amp is behind the radio . Sounds good or better than what was there . Did you run new wires or adapter ?
  5. I do have door speakers. The new speakers sound WAY better. Instead of sounding like a 25 year old clock radio, the car actually has good vocals, distinct highs and much more volume. I am excited about changing the rest of the speakers. I want to keep the stock deck for originality's sake, so I hope everything works and plays well together. I just used the wiring harness adapters that came with the speakers from Crutchfield's to hook it all up. The dash speakers are the ones with the most direct soundpath and really the ones your ears key on most, so I changed them first for the most bang for the buck. I think you will like them if you go that route.
  6. That's great so you do have premium sound . I have a Scosche FM modulator hardwired into my Jeep . It works flawless . Does not fade in and out at all . I have the older one which I prefer . It has a separate on/off switch and plug in you can place anywhere . Thought I had a pic but can't find it right now . You won't be disappointed . I have a set of Sony 3 1/2" and 6 1/2" from a Van i got rid of . Just found them the other day when I was cleaning out the basement . Still need to find the 5 1/4's and bass blockers for the dash speakers . Should be on a shelf somewhere . They are all above 90db and low RMS so they do not need a lot of power . I used the radio and cd changer on the Jeep . I'm keeping the stock radio too .
  7. I don't want to open a can of worms so forgive me if I'm off base with what you want to do here. But, are you set on keeping the factory head unit? You can replace the speakers and it may sound some better, but you will always be limited by the factory head unit. Even with the premium sound and separate amp, the quality is just not that great. A decent aftermarket head will do wonders for the sound.

    Again, don't want to derail you or anything here, just curious.

    And I just saw this thread is a little old, so you may have already made a decision. If so, I hope it turned out the way you wanted!!!
  8. I don't want anymore wiring or an aftermarket HU . I know it's not going to sound great , just a little better than stock speakers . I would like to swap out to a factory CD though . My Jeep and one of my Oldsmobile's have aftermarket equipment in them already . The rest of my cars have stock factory units . My Buick has a very good sounding factory Monsoon stereo in it and I would not change a thing . My Focus has a surprisingly good "sounding radio" .
  9. There okay..High Xmax excursion but that 3 inch voice coil wont hang for much , only for 2000watts rms. I build Speaker Boxes as a hobby... To be honest id look into Sundown Audio or EMF audio .... Those woofers are the REAL DEAL...
  10. Yea, I agree. If you want alot of bass I'd say hdc4 or the Tantric HDD. Sundown is always good to. :nice:
  11. SoundQubed HDC4 is a cheap 4inch voice coil Monster sub that'll do good in the 30-40hz area but wont do much good in the sub 20hz area due to a low qts, high fs, and 30mm excursion ... Tantric Sounds on the other hand will perform flawlessly in any application:)