Any Speaker Upgrades For Premium Sound ?

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  1. So I've been reading on here a bit and found out I do have premium sound cassette . Door speakers and amp under the pass seat . So all speakers are 6ohm except the dash which are 3.5 . Are there any upgrades for the speakers . They don't sound bad , no cracking or weird noises or anything . But I would like to get better sound . I did read "Installation of OEM 1993 Premium sound stereo into 87-92 Mustang " on here and great info . I had already wanted to get the cd slave to add on which are easier to find and am glad to know there is a difference in the face plates . Round vs square which my car has .

    There is a cassette /equalizer on ebay for $117 which would be cool too .
  2. I know adding 4ohm speakers will overheat the amp and leave me with nothing . Also running more efficient speakers will give you better sound w/o having to overpower . Not finding 6ohm and would 8ohm speakers produce lower levels of sound ? No 3 1/2 3.5 ohm speakers either . Any better speakers from another Ford that would work ?
  3. I guess I can run 4ohm in the dash . Some good 2ohm speakers that say they combine with your speaker wire to produce 4ohm load and over 90db sensitivity with 25rms and 75w max . No need for more than that . Are the 6x8 94-04 Mustang premium sound speakers the same ohm's ? I think I'll try searching this next . All the 6x8's are the same #'s F4ZF-18971-CA . So they are the same just newer and possible in better condition . The plugs may or may not be different . Might have changed after 94 . MACH 460 speakers 94-2004 for the doors 4x6 may work for the rear as well but the last two letters are AA and they look much deeper . Maybe too deep . The AA are 8x5 3/4 so will not fit .
  4. The 2.3 boards is pretty slow compared to others on this site so unfortunately you may not get very much in response. That being said, welcome (!) and be sure to let us know what you end up doing and how it all went!
  5. Yea , I really should have posted in general , 5.0 or audio/interior . This post is generic and not 2.3 related . Thanks for the welcome .
  6. I have done a few sound upgrades on my Fords, heres the deal.

    Running 4 ohm speakers is not a problem, that is the standard.

    However, these systems are common ground on the speakers. You will get better sound response and clarity by running new heavier gauge wires to each speaker individually. This eliminates the cross contamination of the sound signal and reduces the dependency on using higher ohm speakers. You are unlikely to burn out the amp unless you push the speakers too hard.

    As far as a speaker I really like, the Kenwood Excelon series deliver excellent efficiency, so low wattage head units and amps can drive them easily, but they can handle high power output if you want to upgrade to a real amp at some future time.
  7. Thanks for the info . So just new thicker , higher strand count wires from the amp to the speakers when I add the new speakers ? No problem that the dash and door speakers are on the same channel either ? Not planning on upgrading the amp or radio later .
  8. I played a cassette yesterday and only the left side played with any power .
  9. Don't know if the Foxes are anything like the turbo coupes, but on my old TC the first step in installing any new audio hardware was to disconnect the factory amp.

    I ran a 20 watt RMS Xplod head unit with some pioneers in the doors and rear deck, and some generic tweeters in the dash...sounded pretty good for a system with no subs or additional amps :)
  10. I'm wanting to keep the stock radio . Just going to upgrade the speakers . I'll leave the factory wires in place when I run the new ones in case I don't like it . At least in the meantime . Not looking for boom , just sound quality . It sounds like you have the type of sound I'm looking for . Really like the factory radio in my Focus . It was a fleet vehicle and the sound is very impressive for a basic work/ grocery getter . Hmmm wonder what speakers it has .
  11. This quote is off another site that simply explains running lower ohm speakers off a higher ohm amp . "
    I replaced the front door speakers in my 850 turbo wagon and I noticed that the dash midranges were 8-ohm whereas the doors were 4-ohm. If they are wired in parallel the load would probably be around 6-ohms. I'll put an ohm meter on and verify this, however I'm planning on replacing the lousy 2" paper woofers with actual tweeters. I can barely stand the stock system in the wagon especially coming from the Monsoon system in my GTI." So the 2 speakers ohm's added together and divided by two . 8ohm + 4ohm /2= 6ohms . So our door speakers 6ohm's + the 3 1/2 ohm dash divided by 2 equal 4.75 ohms . So those are the fronts , and the backs are running on a full 6ohms . Or are they cut down somehow .