ANy suggestions for a muffler?

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  1. I'm looking for a new muffler to replace the stock on my V6 auto (2005). I see all sorts, but have no clue which one to get. I want it just a little louder but I don't want the cops to fine me or anything like that. Any suggestions for a mellow growl that won't wake the neighbors?
    I'd like to try and install it myself and I saw a flowmaster that says you just need to unclamp the old and clamp in the welding needed? Is it just that simple? I don't want to spend a lot of money either and saw a few cheap ones for 150. Help!
  2. Yes, it is just that easy. I replaced mine with a JBA axle-back a couple weekends ago. I did have to remove the front two brackets before I could get the muffler off the pipe though. The whole install took about 45 minutes. Would have been 30 if I'd known how to go about it. I also jacked up the rear end about a foot to give me a bit more room.

    Overall, the JBA is louder, but not loud enough my wife hears me pulling up to the house. Before I only noticed the muffler at about 1500 RPMs, I now hear it inside the car in varying intensities all the time. It's taken a bit of getting used to.

    You should check out the stickied thread with the muffler audio clips to see what they're like. I'll try to get one of the JBA muffler posted too.
  3. I just put on a Ford Racing Performace Products V6 Axel Back muffler. I got it from Its like $200 and its all stainless steel so it will hold up better than aluminized mufflers.

    It sounds really good, a decent amount louder, but not too much, not enough to get noticed by the police, but enough to get noticed by other drivers. It's just more throaty. All my friends say its a great improvement. No drone while cruising, just a little when accelerating. The install was way easy, it was taking the old muffler off that was tricky. Those rubber hangers can be a pain in the arse.
  4. alot of people dont like this brand of muffler but i say go with mac. i have dual macs on right now and i LOVE the sound.
  5. yeah im rockin the single MAC and love it as well. :nice:
  6. I put the Magnaflow catback system on my 06 except instead of the y-pipe crap I had the shop make a custom h-pipe for me.

    It sounds really good to me and my friends. When I'm cruising around town, if I can get to 1,800 RPMs it makes the sweetest sound and gets everyone's attention, but not because it is loud.
  7. Don't discount the GT Takeoff muffler cuz it's stock. I paid $20 for a brand new one from a take off reseller. It was real easy to install. I love the sound. Not too loud but definately lower in tone. I've seen on forums that the auto and manual trans. have different mufflers. They say to get the manual version. I'm not sure which one I've got.
    It will ride high and stick out of the v6 fascia but you can bend the hangers to lower it at least.
    Also, my v6 muffler (05) has a big mass damper on the end to cancel out vibrations. I've noticed a buzz at around 1700 rpm's with little/light load. Will weld on the old damper to the GT muffler and see if it helps.

    Heard a MRT Aero sumpthin on the highway the other day. Glad it didn't buy that one. Way too ricey.

    Good luck on the search.:)
  8. I have th GT take-offs also. I just got a dual conversion done on Thursday. I like the sound pretty well for the price. If I can get a sound clip, I will post it.

    I popped the rt side on myself in about an hour.
    then sevarl minths later, the dual conversion. But even the single GT muffler sounded way better than the stock v6 muffler.

    I had a muffler shop install a custom x pipe and added the left side pipe and other GT muffler.

    GT mufflers 89.00 with shipping on ebay
    dual conversion: $220 installed, so total of 309.00 for duals.

  9. Mac SS Axle-back +1 for droan and overall sound. Installation - errrr so easy a "girl can do it". LOL.. The spyder hangers are a PITB, but doable.

    I just happen know where you can get a mildly used Mac SS Axle-back for real cheap, PM me for details.
  10. :nice: good call!

    $20.00 vs $200.00+ _ :doh: ?

    its a "no brainer" :crazy:
  11. Go with the FLOW!
  12. I just ordered the JBA dual with the Y pipe. Is there any increased HP with this???
  13. Just a quick bump to this string ....... I love mt GT take-offs!

    They just sound better and better as time goes on.
  14. ^exhausts are like other parts. at first they sound eh but give them some time to break in and they sound better.

    i had magnaflows for over a year. i couldnt take the drone anymore. so i got a pypes dual with x pipe. sounds sooo much better. its still being broken in and sounds better than the magnas. maybe the regular magnaflows sound better, i had the magnapacks. also with the magna packs you cant change mufflers. i emailed mgnaflow and they told me they dont use the universal inlet/outlet as all the other companies on the magnapacks.
  15. So....I know it has been months since I posted but I finally decided on the AMerican Thunder Flomaster single axel back for my 05 V6. OVerall, I'm pretty happy with it. Everyone says it is very mellow though. Is there any way to get it throatier?
  16. I like your stang! So you put dual flows on that? How'd you update the back bumper? New bumper or cut right through?
  17. Get an H pipe, it will get your car to sound a little more aggressive:nice: Also maybe some headers too.
  18. Here's the sound clip of my american thunder single axel back flowmaster. Everything else is stock and the muffler itself didn't even have to be welded on....just a tight clamp as suggested by Flommaster themselves.
    I'm in the garage with the door open, so it echos a little but still a true sound. Hope I didn't wake the neighbors with my new Thunder :flag:
    Let me know what you all think.
  19. Can anyone recommend a "droneless" 2005+ V6 bolt-on muffler?