Any Turbo V6's

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  1. I was just curious to see if there were any turbo 6 stangs around. If any one has done it, what kind of results did they or you get???
  2. try
  3. I have to see a pic of that set up :nice:
  4. go to his website. it`s pretty nice. also justin is a wizz at tuning chips. i may get one from him for my 98 ATI procharged 3.8.

    you guys ought to check out justin hangs on that board and so do alot of extremely knowlegable v6 guy`s.

    a couple guy`s there have turbo setups and 1 works for Livernois racing and is developing 3.8 racing parts that he posted pictures of.
    it`s a great site with a bunch of great guys and girls on there
  5. From my understanding he doesn't have it anymore. although I'm sure there are pics around. and for the short answer he ran an 11.9 in the 1/4 mile. V6power :nice: !
  6. with almost no other mods