Roush Any Word on a 2010 Saleen?

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  1. Or is Saleen Dead? With Steve out of the picture at Saleen and doing SMS and chebby's etc, and rumors of Saleen for Sale... Are we owners of a dying breed?
  2. If saleen goes out of business your cars will worth MORE. I don't think saleen will go out of business. they put out too much of good cars there. I live in L.A so i go there to see the ultimate eye candy time to time(S7) and there are plenty of people buying stuff there :) I wouldn't worry so much.

    I bet they will do something crazy with 2010 mustang i bet
  3. No rumor, Saleen IS up for sale

    I have spoken to a few people and they believe that this year or last year will be the last year of the saleen. They have already discontinued their S331 project.

    If saleen goes out of business, the only thing that will happen will be lack of parts for those of us that own one.
  4. I'm with you. I just don't see how Saleen will survive in this climate. Unless they get a big influx of cash, Ford may nopt even supply them the cars to do the conversions.

    SMS is also debatable, unless they can sell cars direct to the public. Not many dealers will be buying them.
  5. maybe with the new ebay store huh? :rlaugh:With the prices they are charging to retail that stuff and not giving any discounts to the club members they should make a bundle...

    Since Saleen is now out of Steve Saleen ideas, will it truly be a Saleen? Now that corporate america has a hand in it and will cheapen and cut corners and dilute the brand by not keeping with saleen traditions?

  6. Head down there and tell us what you find now. Saleen shut up shop in LA last year and moved their entire operation to Michigan. They then held auctions and sold all of their equipment in both LA and Michigan and now the company is officially for sale.

    My bet is that by next summer, Saleen will be another orphan car like Hudson and AMC.
  7. I'm glad you broke the news to him, i didn't have the heart to say anything....:sleep:

  8. It's not really a "dying breed." The pre-owned/ collectible market will do its thing and keep the brand visible.

    From my understanding the F150 got a redesign. When I was walking around the local Ford dealer, they had the new F150s lined-up out front with a leftover S331 SC in the middle. Looked like Ford changed every panel of the truck along with the grill and light assemblies. Saleen would have to design a new S331 body kit. Regardless, there's still a stock of S331s available.

    The company does not have to go out-of-business for a lack of parts support to happen. That's why if someone owns a current model Saleen, with the over-stock deals on parts, not a bad idea to pick-up something extra.

    Current economic climate is bad, not sure if this is SMS marketing, but the Challenger seems to be well received by MoPar enthusiasts and Chrysler Dealers. Time will tell. It was also interesting to see the amount of interest the SMS 25 generated.

    We can go back three generations and find cost cutting measures with Saleen vehicles. If we look at the tall-end of 2007, I can't really think of a current Saleen serialized model that had it's content reduced between 2005-2009. There was never a claim that Saleen vehicles are/were transformed with the best available products, using industry-leading manufacturing, by highly skilled craftsman. I don't know, maybe the S7 is an exception.

    What are Saleen traditions? Can it be answered? Does it go beyond not building a serial number 6? Or is it that simple?

    We've been looking at a corporate influenced, non-motorsports backed, Saleen Mustang since 2005. This did not seem to bother anyone. I can't recall an outburst when the corporate painted, team S7Rs were gone.

    If we can define Saleen Traditions & Heritage, can we then accumulate what vehicles can appropriately lay claim to descending from this rule?

    Orphan car shows look like a good time. I can't say I've met a Hudson enthusiast, but it's nice to meet new people. Maybe the S7s can park next to the Studebakers?
  9. Nobody has ever accused me of being subtle Mike. :rolleyes:
  10. That's messed up. I am sad now. Now what am i gonna do with my life???
  11. :eek:it'll be ok lil buddy, if you get to missin steve saleen too much you can always go and visit him and most of the old crew at thier new facility----:)