any young cobra owners here?

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  1. I just got a quote from my insurance guy and he said 6months of coverage on a 2003 cobra would be 6k for only a half of a year. Im 19 years old and have 1 ticket and never been in a wreck, dose that sound high to u? I was wondering if any one as young as me has any sort of cobra and how much dose it cost you yearly, thanks

  2. :jaw: Man, thats ridiculous. When I was 19, my cobra was 2 years old and my insurance wasn't half that. No wrecks or tickets though...
  3. I am 23, single, male and my cobra is like 1500-1600 every 6 months with pretty good levels of coverage. Adding it dropped my L insurance to like 76 a month. So I figure it nearly evened out.
  4. I was 4200 a year added onto my parents plan. I was also covered on their cars, 02 bmw 325i and 02 chevy trailblazer. this was with full coverage on a 99 cobra coupe, I was the main driver on my car. I was 17-18 at the time with a clean record.
  5. 19 right now with a 94 cobra. Insurance is 1000 every 6 months under my parents policy with full coverage and one accident on record.
  6. 19 also right now, 98 cobra, $1500 for full coverage for the year, one ticket (been driving 3.5 years) had the car for 1.5 of those years

    shop around

    arbella is pretty good i hear

    im with liberty mutual

  7. I have a 96 cobra and pay $415.00 a month and have no tickets but crash and totaled my 96 GT and Im 20 yrs old.
  8. i'm 20 and i just have an 03 GT and i still pay 313 a month. i'm on a plan with my dad (745Li) and my younger brother (M-Coupe, 325i). I have no tickets on my record and no accidents. I can't imagine how I would afford insurance on a Cobra until I am older.
  9. i called progressive and they told me i could insure a 99 cobra for 275 a month....a 99 gt was only 5 bucks cheaper

  10. I am 18 and pay $800 a yr.......If you still live with your father and he has good credit, put the car under his name. Just give him the money when you have to pay.
  11. i agree with this statement 100%
  12. 4 drivers.

    55 Male
    54 Female
    22 Female
    21 Male

    02 Trail Blazer V6
    01 Cavalier I4
    99 Mercury Cougar V6


    Remove the Cougar, add GT: $371/month. Add Cobra: $393/month.

    2 at fault accidents on the policy, 1 nature accident.
  13. I'm 26 and pay $178 a month for my 02 trooper, 03-v6 mustang, and 03 cobra with full coverage. :nice:
  14. how??? thats crazy!
  15. I have a good driving record, and I got a small discount for getting married, but I just shopped around on the Internet for the best deal. My deductible is $500.00
  16. I'm 18 and own a 97 cobra. You all are turning around and bending over for're getting R A P E D ! ! ! ! I'm with state farm and pay $858 ($143 a month). Thats with full coverage all with deductibles of 500. All you have to do is get the good student discount and then go through this "Steer Clear" program. It doesn't cost anything except a minute every now and then to record driving times by yourself. F U C K that $1000 a month ****AT!!!!
  17. Insurance on an '03 is probably alot more expensive than our '96 and '99s. '03s are 30+ thousand dollar cars...
  18. i am 25 i pay 168 a month for my 01 Cobra, 02 Jetta 1.8T, 93 Dodge Dakota, and Home owners.
  19. i pay $125/mth

    1500 a year, full coverage

    19yrs old, no accidents, 1 ticket and full cover + $500 deductible

    i dint have to do any course.....
  20. I am 24 and I pay 170.00 a month full coverage on my 2003 cobra and liability on my 89 gt vert. 1 ticket and small discount for being married