Anybody Commute With Their Mustang....

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  1. I need to replace my Focus and have been considering a new or newer mustang vert with the 3.7 sixxer. I had an '02 Gt vert but with a young family and a 80 mile round trip commute everyday it never was driven so we traded it off on a new car for my wife. Any ideas what mileage might look like in a v6 auto with 80 miles of highway driving at 70 mph??

  2. I wouldn't say I commute by my GT500 is my daily driver. With it I get a little over 20mpg on the highway.
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  3. On my 20.2 mile commute I average between 21-22mpg, I recently took a 7 hour road trip: Averaging between 75-85 mph, managed to get 23.5 - 24.5mph.
  4. I used to commute in my '10 GT. About 24 miles each way, mixed highway and city. If I drove "normally" I averaged a 17.5 and got as much as 26 on the highway. If had any fun then it dropped down to about 15 and 22. And that dropped off more if I had a lot of fun.I have averaged as low a 10. This is all assuming that the on-board mileage calculator is accurate.
  5. I used to have a 2000 3.8 V6 that got about 20mpg, but my newer 2012 GT gets about 25mpg (if I'm being a good little boy ;)). I've seen 27 on the dash before, but that's rare. I"m sure the newer V6 model gets better than that.
  6. My fiance has an '11 V6. It gets pretty good mileage - we averaged a hair over 31MPG round trip from TN to Florida last summer. She tends to get 24MPG or so in mixed driving (town and highway). It has the new 3.7 that will run like stink too (at 300 crank HP), you just have to stand on it and let it wind up a bit.

    My '06GT gets 21-23 mixed (mostly highway) if I stay out of it, roughly 20 miles one way. Pure highway, I get 25. If you drive it like you mean it, that drops off considerably. I drive it daily.
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  7. I used to daily my 04 GT with 4.30s :)

    ...quite a bit lower than 20mpg haha
  8. Go any faster than 60mph, and your fuel economy takes a straight nose dive in these cars haha. I have a 2013 GT with 3.31's and I can get 33mpg at 55mph. At 70, that goes down to 25 or lower. Quite astonishing the difference there IMO.. Can you drive 65mph or do you have to go 70? with an 80 mile drive though, that makes a big difference in the time it takes to get there. I'm sure you will get much better fuel economy with the V6
  9. Stop and go driving kills my GT....i get like 15mpg AT BEST in city conditions. That is when granny pedaling it and 5th gear at 40mph. Can't hit 6th gear until 45mph or the RPM's go below 1000. Also when idling, i can just watch the average fuel economy on the dash just tick down. Kind of funny...
  10. I have a 2011 GT with 3.31s. If I use ethanol free gas and just set the cruise, I can get 31 mpg at 60 and 29 mpg at 70. Of course, that can drop a lot on the weekend.:D
  11. My 3.7 at 70 mph gets 30 mpg and is a fun commute! Stares the entire route, some want to race, some just look, mostly Hwy.