Anybody else been sick?

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  1. I got the flu.. Or some awful variant of it. Started out Monday.. I was kinda ehh... ate about half as much as I normally do.. then tuesday evening BAM started puking it all up, then couldn't keep anything down.. Water, food, medicine.. it all came straight back up. nasty. I survived the next 5 days eating like half a cracker or 1/4 of a biscuit every day, and if it wasn't for gatorade, I'd be dead.

    Anyway, I lost 12 lbs, but I'm back. I went back to work for a half day first time today, dang I lost a lot of strength. :mad:

    Hai :flag:
  2. Something similar hit this area. Sucks.... I wasn't puking, but I had a nasty cold/flu BS bug. Snot.... lots of snot.
  3. I got a little cold right now. First time I've bee sick since spring 2005
  4. Ive just been coughing alot.

    Happens every year about this time.
  5. I'm on day 6 of a sore throat that is finally starting to clear up. I have terrible problems with my ears/nose/throat region and was worried it would turn into a big nasty deal like it seems to every year... but it hasn't so far.

    Winter is not only bad for the flu and crap, it's bad because it keeps my car off the road :notnice:
  6. yes....and i'm finally getting over it....wife was sick last week and fatherinlaw is under the weather as people at work.
  7. Hell yeah... hit me at 11:45 on sun night (wife too) and I slept in the bathroom that night, too far to walk back to bed... Lasted only about 12 hours though but they were 12 BAD hours... took my wife 3 days... that was NASTY stuff...