Anybody else experiencing project burnout?

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  1. Our work is taking a half day because Gonzaga University is playing in the NCAA tourny today so I'll use that time to watch my parts climb out of their box and install themselves onto my car :rock:
  2. Just thought I would re visit this thread. Long story short, this project of mine has just about totally burnt me out. I'm not even sure if I want to look at the car right now...
  3. Sorry to hear that 84T. The more tricked out you get the more work and time you need for it.

    I think i'm going on 7 months with this project and there is still sooooo much to do. I'm doing some straightening of the doors and trying to get everything assembled and lined up so I can start body work hopefully next week when it reaches 70 degrees out here. As I was putting in the head lights I found more cut wires that were taped together for the corner blinkers and the inner marker lights. :bang:

    effn lazy PO! More electrical to do for me as if this project isn't big enough for what little time and money I have to put into it. O'well i'm going to cut some corners to get on to bigger things since my time will be greatly limited once my twin girls are born July 23rd this summer. I can do little things quietly in the garage between poop, feed and naps. Can't spray or bang out body panels with that going on. I need to make a list so I don't over look things later and start crossing them off as they slowly but surely get done.

    I don't have grand plans for this car which will help. I just want a straight dentless body and decent paint that I can do by myself, reliable 300 rwhp and average interior for just cruising and that's it.
  4. Mines going on two years and I still don't have an intake maf and injectors hahah
  5. It's just crazy, 4 years to put the car together with a countless number of changes along the way. It seems like a never ending stream of money just pouring from my wallet, and I'm tapped out. The funny thing is that when everything is going great you couldn't be happier, and I can tell you that the smile on my face from my first trip to the track lasted almost 3 weeks.. Now with the thing not running and a never ending list of stupid problems I just don't seem to have the patience. My motor is at the machine shop being upgraded and my buddies motor is in the car for now. I don't even want to think of the bill I'll be getting from the machine shop once mine is ready. I am seriously considering parking this thing in the garage for a month or two and just letting it set, one to just mentally catch up and two so that I can financially catch up. Neither of which is particularly easy while I am going through a divorce. I'm not saying that I'm giving up by any means, I've come to far for that, but I think I'm just going to step back from all of the car stuff for a little bit..

  6. Mine has been in my garage for the last 2 years, it first started as just putting in a Ram HDX clutch, then the throwout bearing got stuck and had to drill it out, that turned into the water pump going out, went from there to stripping out the t-stat housing. Edlebrock Performer 5.0 went on which turned into converting to MAF, bigger throttle body new seats and carpet. As of now it doesn't run and I have no interior.

  7. I feel ya brother. Hang in there. Car or no car, it'll get better.
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  8. Im sorry to hear about all that. Keep your head up though, its nothing you cant handle.

    Ive been there, seems endless at times. Im halfway there now. I think. I took a break from the car last week and it felt good. Between planning a wedding, looking for a new house, and the car, i put too much on my plate sometimes, but thats life sometimes.

    Take a break from it like you said, and come back to it when you are ready. The car isnt going anywhere.
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  9. Nothing wrong with stepping away for a bit. I was out of the car scene for 3 years and then just decided to tear the car apart one day.

    Do what you gotta do. You'll be back. Nobody can seem to stay away from these foxes for too long.
  10. I wouldn't say project burnout, since I don't consider my car a project, but things definitely don't get done as fast as they used to. I always thought having a garage would make it easier to get things done, but it just makes it easier to shut the door and procrastinate.
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  11. Yikes!! My clutch is going to need replaced soon and now in terrified!
  12. It wasn't fun, once I got it drilled through in a couple spots I was able to chip it away and get most of it to come out at once.
  13. I appreciate the support from everyone here! Thank you..
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  14. Im experiencing financial burnout, hahah. If there was a "fortunate" side of working off shore, it keeps me from spending money for a month at a time. Then I go home and spend my way out of boredom. Vicious cycle...
  15. My project needs to be out of my garage before winter hits. Tired of my doors being frozen shut when I park my truck outside and scraping ice and snow off my windows. The garage belongs to the F-150 during the cold and the mustang will be stored at my dads shop that's an empty 3 car garage with an attached shop (my father built it). It will be my paint booth next summer as my father intended it to be for us. I'll be painting with(out) him, RIP.
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  17. Yup. I do from time to time.

    My car is sitting in a relative's garage on stands, while i take a break. My latest hobby....saltwater reef tanks.
  18. Ive decided that while I take a break from the mustang i'll be working on my tractor ('59 Massey Ferguson 85)
  19. OP, and all the others who are suffering from burnout--my $.02, from having a project that's going on 10 years (my 67): Learn to walk away. Then leave it sit. You'll have a lot of days when you walk buy and feel guilty for not working on it, and some days where you feel like you just ought to unload it. Just keep walking. Eventually you'll have a day when you can't wait to get back on it--that's when you go to work!

    Some have suggested another running toy--can be good or bad. Good is that it makes the times when you're not touching the the project more bearable. Bad because you just got a new project. I started modding my 95 about a week after I got it--it was supposed to by strictly a summer DD to keep me patient with the 67. Already modding the Shelby... It's a sickness.

    The other advice, from someone who's on the other side of raising kids (my youngest gets married in <2 months): Sometimes you have to put hobbies on hold for family. It's GREAT when you can do hobbies with your kids. Just make sure you do it as a way to spend time with your kids, not as a way to get more time in on your car. I was pretty much out of the car business for about 15 years, until my oldest started looking at cars for himself, and found this great deal on a 67 vert....

    Enjoy the family, enjoy the day, enjoy the process of working on the car when you get the time. Living life "can't waiting" sucks. I did it for too long: Can't wait until I'm out of college-can't wait until the kids are older-can't wait until I retire from the Army-can't wait until the 67 is done-can't wait... You get the idea. You end up waiting your whole life, and never living it.

    OP: Good luck with your project, very sorry to hear about your dad. Congrats on the growing family! Love life.
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