Anybody else experiencing project burnout?

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  1. You Sir should be a motivational speaker! Best advice yet and hits too close to home for me. Lately with the Mustang, needing to remodel my down stairs bathroom AGAIN (already did a half remodel) and the twins coming soon I have a lot of stuff on my plate and once they come things will slow to a crawwwwwwl.

    I find myself imagining life skipping the first two years of my daughters life so I can get back to working on things (not just the Mustang) and your words strike me real hard. You're right, stop the "can't wait" crap and start living it at a slower pace instead of trying to speed everything up.

    Today I'm going to enjoy finishing up my sons huge sand box that we built together and after I'm going to have a tall cold one and relax a little.
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  2. This is probably going to be the sappiest thing I've ever written on here, but I read an article in Southwest Airlines' magazine last week about our "rush-rush" lifestyle and how unhealthy it is. The article started out with the author describing how he was always checking his cell phone, answering e-mails, checking Facebook, etc. Everything was always go go go.

    One night he found himself yelling at his wife because she couldn't do something right and then yelling at his kid. He realized this was no way to live and decided to have a "slowvember", or a slow November. He took time with his kids, wife, etc. and put away the daily stresses of life when he was around them. What a difference it made.

    This really hit close for me too. My wife works long hours; we're up at 5 and getting the kids up around 5:45 or 6; she leaves the house by 6:30-6:45 and then doesn't get back home until 6 at night with the kids. I try to have dinner ready when they get home, we eat, have an hour or so to play, then it's time to start getting ready for bed. During that hour my wife and I were still checking work e-mails, doing the dishes, etc. and just letting our kids idle by.

    Since last Friday I've tried to loosely mimic what I read in that article. Sure it's only a few days but I can already see a difference. I'm less stressed, our daughter is less combative and easier to get along with, probably because we're not rushing her around yelling at her to get ready and "do the next thing". We're letting her be a kid.

    I can send you the link for the article if you want to read it fully.
  3. Got all the sand outta yer vergina??? Now get your arss to work!
  4. Thanks elarm1, you actually just reminded me that I need to call Devilbiss and order a new HVLP since I can't find mine.
  5. I knew it! I got my electric fan and FAL controller installed, so some work got done.
  6. Dude, those are not the lyrics to kumbaya. :confused:
  7. Sounds like a great evening!

    Might just try that motivational speaker thing... always wanted to build a van. :jester:
  8. A creeper van right?
  9. Damn hahaha best comedian ever a shame he ain't here no more
  10. Are you saying best ever for skits or stand up? He was great with skits for TV but for stand up i'd take Robin Williams or Andrew Dice Clay performing live any time over him.
  11. Well yeah and his movies are pretty funny to
  12. Robin Williams is great, im not a fan of dice clay.

    Mitch Hedberg is another comedian that was gone before his prime.
  13. This I need to do, too. My work pushes us to work from home, and always be checking on things, but man does it make life stressful not to get away from it (transportation industry never has a day/night off). I am happy to say I am at home with my sick 3 year old son, and he is sleeping on the couch next to me as I type this. I think I will let my co workers handle the work today, and just cater to him and relax. Glad I at least hopped on here and found this.
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  14. After seeing Robin Williams in San Diego I felt like I had done a thousand sit ups from laughing so hard. He's nearly as raunchy as the Dice man.

  15. I don't think anyone laying on their death bed is going to wish they worked more, had 400 rwhp instead of 300 or wish they ate more Crapdonalds. Nahh, we're going to wish we spent more time with our family, playing with our kids and spending more time relaxing and taking things slower. Memories of my dad that flood my mind is all about time being spent with him, working on cars together, kicking it on the front porch drinking coffee on the weekend mornings and BBQing in the back yard after swimming in the pool.

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  16. Ironically, Robin Williams is famously known for stealing other comedians routines.
  17. My how this thread has changed!
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